Open Collective Crowdfunding Campaign Report

It’s been a handful of months now, so we just wanted to check-in and give everyone a heads up on how our Open Collective Crowdfunding Campaign went.

First and foremost, we wanted to give a tremendous thank you to everyone who helped out on this project. A good amount of work went into this campaign, and everyone’s attention, feedback, and support on the forum and beyond really helped bring this campaign to life.

Over the course of this campaign, we raised €4,044 (about $4,254) in donations, and Resonate was also able to raise over €5,243 (about $5,516) from listener memberships & supporter shares through our website. In total, that’s over €9,287 (about $9,770)!

Resonate workers have been able to use this support to do some crucial behind the scenes work to set ourselves up for the next stage of building Resonate.

This work includes:

It was amazing to see everyone come together for this initiative to do something great, and we’re so grateful that our team was able to leverage your support to do some amazing things that will set Resonate up to build for the future!

Thank you so much.