I saw that resonate is thinking about Open Collective.

I’ve used them for quite some time now, so I can comment on my experience

  • Payment options for people in Europe are limited. The Perkeep project had problems here.
  • 10% overhead is high. I think that this is less if you have a non-profit sponsorship.
  • OC supports project-to-project transfers which I love. Resonate could use OC to support the open source projects that we depend on.
  • Transparency is well done. Love it.
  • OC can be a conduit for people wanting specific features without having to hire a consultant to implement. This is what I’m doing with Known. Money goes into OC and flows out to a contractor willing to do the work.

Thank you for sharing this perspective.

Fund-Raising Team @brndnkng @SueJ

I have invited @Sam_Martyn to the OpenCollective Acct as an admin.


@richjensen, thank you for the invite!

Hi all,

I appreciate you letting me join in here.

I just wanted to drop some links to a few ideas I had on ways to improve the Resonate Open Collective Page as we gear up to start fundraising and crowdfunding more effectively.

I have also posted this information in the forum HERE, for others to chime in, but let me know if I should keep the info to this thread only.

As you will see, there are still some pieces missing in the final doc (Open Collective Crowdfunding Project About Section), but please see below the following docs, and let me know your thoughts for improvement.

Once we all come to a consensus for the changes that we want made, I can go in and start implementing these edits on our Open Collective account. Thank you!


Hi all,

I would like to formally propose that the information in the below document replaces the current About Section of the Resonate Open Collective Page.

Resonate Open Collective About Section Draft

I know there are always going to be things that we could improve on for the about section of the page, but considering the shortened amount of time we have to raise funds for the co-op, I feel that it is crucial that we update our about section, as well as other aspects of the Open Collective page, as soon as we can to encourage more people to donate to Resonate.

@richjensen, @Hakanto,, and any other @executive team members, please review the above doc and suggest any final edits. Once given the approval, I can then go into the Open Collective page to implement these changes.

Once this is complete, I would like to begin confirming next steps for a Resonate crowdfunding campaign including things like:

  • Showcasing Donation Goals & Timelines
  • Updating/Adding Donor Tiers and/or Rewards
  • Communications & Outreach Opportunities and Strategies

Looking forward to bringing this campaign to life soon!

Thank you,
– Sam Martyn