Opening up the forums

I’ve been inviting people here very organically… Volunteers, devs, artists, designers and a few that cross multiple categories. The idea was to experiment with the sign up process, seed a few categories and get a feel for the general scope.

As of our last newsletter, we’re ready to shift from being more closed to being more open, which means inviting a lot more folks in. For instance, all new listener co-op members have an option to be invited in. All new artists that upload an EP or more (3+ tracks in the same collection) get invited in as well.

We can also make it so that existing forum members invite friends in.

Ideally, this space is for co-op members only. But thats open for debate.

According to our rulebook (see #the-cooperative) a member is defined as…

  • volunteer or worker who earns their share
  • artist or label who earns by uploading their catalog
  • listener who buys their 5 euro membership

So… Should we stray outside this structure? Time to discuss!

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It’d be good to keep it to co-op members only for now to build and strengthen the community and its identity, get a good sense of what members want, and their suggestions. It’d be great to be able to invite co-op member friends in soon.

Wider access can be kept under review - technically can we invite non members to a special channel later or is it all or nothing?


The “all or nothing” things needs a bit of technical review. Plan to have an application form of sorts to request access. Critical to keep it moving forward slowly because these systems can get out of hand if they grow too fast.

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