Ordinary Resolution A: Adopt Financial Statements & Reports

Ordinary Resolution A.

“THAT the financial statements for 2019 and the Director’s reports for 2020 be adopted”.
Moved by Rich Jensen, Co-op Executive

This is a standard process for our AGM. Our accounts for the previous year have to be approved by the membership before we can register them as part of our ‘Annual Return’ process to the Registrar. This is a legal requirement for our jurisdiction (Ireland - RFS - Register of Friendly Societies). @richjensen will be issuing these documents before the meeting.

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Link to Pro Forma Financial Statements (unaudited).

2019/2018 Comparison Profit/Loss Statement & Balance Sheets.

Note final versions may have adjustments subject to review.

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I see the financial statements; thanks. How about Director’s reports? I don’t see them. What clue am I missing?


These were presented as verbal reports at the meeting and recorded for submission with the minutes. As it happens everyone on the call consented to sharing the recording (thank you!) and it should be available here in the Forum for Members to see soon.

@dckc I respect that until folks who not present at the meeting have a chance to review the recording or a transcript this may make a vote for ‘approval’ problematic.

For what it is worth, neither the Board report from Nick Meyne, nor my Executive report offered actionable business. Nick summarized some achievements from the year, most notably the grants awarded for the development and implementation of the Co-op’s Community Credentials identity verification plan; and, the Co-op’s submission of evidence to the UK Parliamentary inquiry on the economics of music streaming.

My Executive Report was generally philosophical, offering reflections on the cultural context for the Co-op’s present work and its potential as a site for transformational social practices relating to ‘digital dignity.’

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