Ordinary resolution to schedule next AGM for June 2023 or earlier

Having the AGM in December is complicated. Any suggestions on a better time of year?

Here’s a proposed co-op governance calendar I made a while back. Feel free to use for brainstorming!


A principle business function of the AGM is to review the coop’s financial performance of the previous year so members can decide how to allocate surpluses. ( :rainbow:)

Properly resourced, the coop should have the capacity to reconcile its accounts in the first two or three months of the year and its annual report with the Irish authorities in April.

May or June might be ideal for the AGM.

I’m also a fan of quarterly GMs both for social coherence but also perhaps to have different functional or thematic concerns.

To follow the orientation of the three classes that comprise Resonate’s MULTI-STAKEHOLDER design:

  • one might be very ‘rulebook’ oriented.
  • one might be about ‘working conditions’,
  • one might attend to music and cultural values,
  • one might be about cooperation among cooperators,


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I haven’t spent enough time to make myself aware of all the things needed to be done in preparation for the AGM - or any general meeting for that matter, but just from a timing perspective, I can see June & December being potentially good months to host general meetings. June being the primary month since December seems to be busy with end of year work and things, despite it being a good time for general reviewing of things.

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Are we considering this resolution complete?