Organization of assembly proposals

I’ve added these buttons at the top of the Co-operation category. From left to right they tell a story of one way an idea could become a part of Resonate. Each links to a relevant list of topics.


  1. Make a proposal
  2. Folks discuss proposals
  3. Proposals can be brought to a Community Assembly to be improved and find support
  4. Proposals that find support get tagged #supported-proposals and are linked to the corresponding Community Assembly.

From there, many things could happen to a proposal. It could go a team for exploration, a small volunteer crew could pick it up, it could go to a General Meeting – even become an co-op Policy at Resonate.

The buttons look a little janky, but it’s a start! :rose:


This is sweet! I really like the idea of buttons and the sort of “pieces” of the proposal journey that are drawn out for people. It’s very user friendly and easy, and I’d enjoy seeing more things like this within the forum (where applicable). Awesome work!


Thanks, Sam :sunny:

Update: I switched the “policy” button to instead link to our handbook

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“We have this slotted for this release, hopefully should be built in a couple of months.”

Apprently soon Discourse (our forum software) will be adding the ability to add short descriptions to the tag pages themselves. Example pages: #proposals #supported-proposals

This will be really nice as a natural way for users to discover how processes work at Resonate

We had proposals today at 🌎 Community Assembly 2 | October 16th which the group discussed and expressed interest in, but which they wanted to continue discussion on, either via forum or future assemblies. These have been tagged with #explored-proposals.