Organizing the next Annual General Meeting

We’ve got about 1.5 months left of the year in which Resonate has to have our annual general meeting. I feel like Resonate is facing real capacity issues so I feel like maybe laying out what needs to happen before we have the meeting would help move that process along and help people pitch in to make the workload lighter.

Edit: I’ve been editing this post as things develop and a timeline clarifies. It’s a wiki, so you can too!

  1. Picking a date. Check out this when2meet.

  2. Hold a public assembly prior to the Annual General Meeting to let people talk through things. Check out our survey as well as the discussion on that assembly.

  3. The general meeting needs to be announced two weeks before it is actually being held. Since any resolutions introduced at the general meeting need to be announced 2 weeks before the general meeting (and if we want for them to be votable on online), I feel like we should give people a 1 week period to introduce resolutions on top of that 2 week announcement. So the board meeting needs to be announced 3 weeks prior to the actual date.

  4. We need a link for people to register and click on to join the meeting. We have a account. Can that receive registrations? Who can set this up?

  5. An email needs to go out to all members that a meeting is being held. This email has to go out 2 weeks before the event. People need to be encouraged to submit resolutions as well as to attend the event itself. @Sam_Martyn has the ability to send those emails. I can get a list of current members together directly from the database.

  6. Resolutions need to be gathered in one space and sent out to members 2 weeks prior to event.

  7. In the two weeks leading up to the event, we need to encourage people to have debate and conversation around the resolutions.

  8. Have the event itself!

  9. Celebrate that we did a democracy :tada:


Thank you for your attention to this.

Perhaps we can shorten the timeframe by skipping (1) the board voting on a date - it needs to happen anyway, board voting seems like a step that’s not actually needed…

Can we not move directly to (2) a when2meet poll for the whole coop to find a majority date for the AGM in the last 2 weeks in December?

I think @Hakanto could advise on (3)

4-6 we can do on the forum straight away - together with the search for an AGM date. I would imagine.



Here’s a When2Meet availability/time poll for the latter two weeks of December. Please select your availability! :slight_smile:


Shared my availability in the poll. Here are results so far:

We’ve missed the window for the 4th. If we do it on the 10th or 11th, all resolutions will need to be submitted in the forum two weeks in advance. If there are rulebook amendments, they need to be emailed to members 2 weeks in advance. I understand this right, @sganesh @psi @richjensen? That means our deadline for writing, submitting, and emailing resolutions would be in a week from now.


If that isn’t doable, then we need to make the decision right away to move the AGM to the weekend of the 17/ 18th, despite fewer being able to attend. Thoughts?

I think it’s do-able, but (most of) my resulotions are already in :sweat_smile:


“v. An invitation to all members to join an online collaborative decision-making platform before a General Meeting shall be sufficient to satisfy the rules regarding a quorum providing all resolutions on which a vote is required are posted to the online collaborative decision-making platform two weeks before the meeting.”

I suggest Dec 17th. ‘Traditionally’ AGM’s have occurred on Saturdays in the second half of Dec at about 8 - 9:30am (pacific) / 11 - 12:30 east / 5 - 6:30pm CET / 1am - 2:30 (sunday) Kuala Lampur.

The session is recorded. Resolutions stay open for several days with discussion.

The timing is not ideal, but it reasonably meets statutory minimums (which is important.)

Every year there is a consensus that we should have more frequent AGMs. Perhaps this is the year where developments in Member-based governance will help carry that into reality.

It might be helpful if the poll included Dec 18 - 23.

@melis_tailored Suggested ‘last two weeks’. I agree. Not sure why an edit was made. Thanks @piper if you could make the adjustment.

Persynally I feel trying to prepare for resolutions to close, and members to be notified 5 days from now is rushed and will increase the risk of a poor outcome. I feel that 12 days (if date is 17th or later) is workable.

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Good point. I edited the above link to be the new poll, and am posting it here as well: When2Meet availability/time poll

Note that this is a new poll with a new timeframe so if you voted on the previous poll you’ll need to vote again. Thank you!


I’d prefer the 17th caus it is more time to prepare. However, by the poll results, a majority of those polled would be able to attend, and I wouldn’t want to pick a time they couldn’t be there. Leans me back toward preferring the 10th

I was surprised to see that the AGM date proposal was so early. I’ve given possible dates but I have no idea if I’ll be able to make the final chosen meeting date.

Couple of reasons AGM is better to be called last two weeks of the year from my perspective = Music industry & parents.

Firstly, the AGM has always been held the last two weeks of the year (cuz we’re always late) for the last however many years. But also because we are a music platform so the timing is better, as the first 2 weeks in December are the busiest times of year for music, while the last two weeks are slow/off weeks.

Those of us who are parents in Western European Christian centric countries are already loosing our shit in the run up to Christmas doing all the faff that schools are expecting around “tradition” and trying to finish all our work so we can have a few days off with our families.

Literally the last thing I need in the first two weeks of December is a 3 hour zoom call!