Outersider × Resonate

I’m Outersider (A.K.A. The Runaway Slave of the Human Race), I’m a rapper and a producer, I finally got all of my catalogs set up at Resonate plus a new album, I’m aiming to release on this site on February 18th 2023 while few other music platforms are set to release in 10 days after. It is 7 songs LP featuring the most poignant relevant political tracks so far with layered experimental emotive music productions that sightly reminiscent of the indie hiphop era such as Anticon, but this time with more refined greater emphasis on plentiful musical transition production style that makes the overall listening feels like a journey into the cavernous abyss that wasn’t properly conveyed on my previous works. I hope this is the beginning of some kind of breakthrough; not on a mainstream level, but to gain a niche audience due to it’s subject matters regarding anarchism, social ecology, cult of personality, masculinity and more. I’ll be investing alot more time here on Resonate and be a part of this journey. Am working with Simon right now to help each other out with the musical promotion of the album and find a way to gain a bit of traction here in Resonate to ensure that this music platform can provide some leniency and future opportunities for us artists and listeners. I hope I get meet you all and am looking forward to our collaboration.
(Album cover below)

I also have two singles readily available to listen only in Bandcamp for now that is “It’s Always Sunny In Florida” and “Beware of the C.O.P.”

You can get glimpse of the album here:


The most controversial song ever recorded in Hip Hop history is now available only on Youtube. This may not be the proper place to promote my music that doesn’t relate to Resonate Co-op; and regardless of my politics, I do still believe this is an important conversation that should be normalized; especially, under the material condition we’re all in. Am open for feedbacks and Micheal Carlson will be reuploading some songs that received an update on my end at Resonate next week, take care.