Pair Programming / Co-Coding Session

Excited to announce that some of the devs (primarily @piper and I) are going to try and hold regular pair programming sessions. We’re not sure yet how often, but hopefully fairly regularly. Our first session will be this coming Tuesday at 9am ET.

Right now it’s looking like for this session we’ll be extracting Beam’s API service into a standalone library so that it can be easily re-used by other JS clients of our API (mobile app, stream, etc).


happening now :keyboard:


We’re going to do it again next week!


Today we fixed a small bug, and talked a bit about architecture choices as well as testing work under way.

We’ll meet again on October 4th!

:film_projector: Screen recording for today’s pair programming session is viewable here!


Today we can take a stab at setting up deploying something on production? We likely won’t be able to wrap this up all in one hour but it would be cool to get more folks comfortable with this.


I don’t have anything special planned for the session today, if there’s new folks we’ll probably overview the code.

Otherwise we can look at removing the last AJV code endpoints or adding the country list API endpoint?


Hey all, I don’t have capacity to be on this call this week, and I know piper doesn’t have it either. Also I feel like the format got a bit lost with how many people were on the call last week, so I’m not sure it makes sense anymore to structure it that way. If someone else wants to pick it up please let me know.


Hey there,

have you considered uploading these co-coding sessions on the resonate coop youtube channel as part of a series? I think this could generate some attention towards the open source nature of resonate and be a nice introduction to aspects of the code base for people like me who are either at the very start of their resonate maintaining career or are considering diving in.
I saw that you uploaded one session on google drive but that has been taken off it seems.