[Permission] Autogenerate my playlists

I joined as I wanted to do something like this to discover new music and generate some playlists that I would find interesting. My db and analytics would occur in on my machine but the playlists would live on my account.

If you don’t want to click on the link, it would be to use the API to iterate through the tracks / artists to find tracks that would go well together and that I would like and then generate playlists with those tracks.

Is this allowed?

this tread indicates the community is still figuring out how to manage tags, but there seem to be some already on the artist level


Allowed and supported by the architecture.

It’s about increasing the context for streams and artist earnings.

This is exciting, and as Rich says, supported by what we’re trying to achieve.

There’s also a parallel here with social graph and privacy.

Other well known services ‘own’ our social graph, without meaningful consent, and exploit it as a platform asset.

It’s a useful individual tool to follow or subscribe to liking something, or following the public likes and follows of a trusted guide… It could be a collective community guide, or even an AI/ML assisted guide…

I think there should be several innovative services you can choose to use, or ignore, and based on data that you and others provide, with consent.

Artists should be free to publicly tag their own work in any way they like and similarly, curators of playlists should be able to publish their playlists with tags of their own choice,

That has some consequences for the usefulness of the tags and the quality of search. We do our best to offer search on tags and metadata but it’s not as good as the taxonomy of an individual or a collection of individuals who share a taxonomy they want to map to or create from an analysis of the music or its social context. We had a proposal a while back to create a really good search and discovery service - Aeria The idea there was to have AI enabled search pointed at the music and its context rather than intrusively pointed at the individual, their web history and their social graph.

All our services need to be enabled and supported by our APIs.

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It seems like the most non-controversial option is:

  • artist and label can tag tracks / albums
  • playlist owners can tag playlists

And for discoverability, to make public playlists searchable by tags, like Albums are.

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Thanks! Yes, both these are supported in the new player and the metadata for uploads (later in the upload tool itself) and in the new player search and discovery. @auggod and @Hakanto can point you at more info here. :wink: