Persistent login issues

I keep having login issues on Generally, I have to login every time I use the app; it doesn’t remember me upon returning. But now, it is actually logging me out in the middle of use, so I have to keep logging in.

Using it on Linux (POP_OS and MX) with Firefox 85.

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Hey Nathan! Sorry to hear of these troubles. I’ll make a note about this so we can pursue a long-term fix. I am a POP_OS user as well! :grinning:

As a short-term fix, I recommend trying Brave, Chromium or a Chromium app and seeing if those keep you logged in more consistently.

The Chromium app may actually be the most dependable, based upon my experience of using it: I don’t use it often, but when I do I am always logged in. You can install Resonate as a desktop app while on by opening Chromium’s three-dot menu at the upper right and selecting “Install Resonate”.


Nice to meet another POP user:) Thanks for this. I’ll try the Chromium desktop app. But please do find a solution for us poor Firefox users!

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Maybe at some point I didn’t accept cookies? Could that be it? But it’s happening for me on multiple machines.

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Similar story here. I am sometimes logged out for no apparent reason. Most often between uses but occasionally also while using it (apparent because suddenly all songs I own default back to being 45s samples). Perhaps happens every few days? It happens to me in Qwant browser, which I use on a tablet, and on firefox, on the desktop computer (linux).

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Thanks for the feedback here. We’ll keep our sights on fixing this @ntnsndr @agaitaarino. I’ve experienced issues surrounding getting automatically logged out – and I’m aware of others who have as well.

We’ll soon be moving to an upgraded version of the Resonate Player, and further down the road to a new ID server. Others here could say more about whether these changes in themselves will help with login issues. @auggod @Nick_M

@ntnsndr @agaitaarino

@auggod has adjusted some settings on the Resonate Player. This issue should now be fixed! Let us know if you have further issues with it.

Nice, thanks! My impression was that this happened less in the new player vs the old one, but this could be just that I was generally happier :smiley:
I’ll let you know if and when the issue resurfaces.

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