Personal Update

Hey all,

I wanted to share from the communications team that an email should be on its way to let people know that the AGM voting is now open.

I really appreciated the extensive review of the co-op during the AGM, and although it sounds like there are some big hurdles for Resonate to overcome, I really value everyone who’s contributed to this community up to this point, and who has been a part of Resonate being what it is today. I still believe in this co-op’s mission and hope that many of it’s issues can be resolved in time so Resonate can bring its values and services to more people in this world.

With that said, I know it’s not ideal, considering some of the roles within the communications team that I have taken on in the past year, but I am going to have to step back a bit from Resonate work in the new year as I focus on finding a full-time job for myself, among other things. I am trying to figure out the best way to do this without leaving too many things left unattended. @simonfreund has been a great help to me and the co-op with communications work as of late, and although still new to Resonate, I think Simon would be a solid person to take over my communication roles, if interested. I know I was recently appointed to be accepted as a worker-member, so I am happy to still be in the forum keeping an eye on things and may be able to help out from time to time, but I won’t have the capacity to be the go to person for comms work starting in 2023, so I just wanted to clarify that moving forward.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reply or reach out to me directly, otherwise, enjoy the last few days of the year, stay safe, and have a great New Year’s weekend!

Thank you,
– Sam Martyn


Thank you for all the excellent and important work you have done, @Sam_Martyn!

And, just as importantly, thank you for taking care of yourself and for taking steps to help minimize the impact of your stepping back.

While I haven’t had much direct interaction with you, I truly appreciate the work you have done and the level of care you consistently demonstrate. I’m rooting for you, and look forward to seeing you around here whenever you’re able.


Thanks for everything you’ve done Sam!


Thank you, @Sam_Martyn – as you know, I highly enjoy working with you and I hope we will continue working together even if it’s on the smallest flame for the time being.

I wish you all the best in finding a full-time paid position (hopefully within another cooperative) and I’m happy to take over your role or to share it with anyone interested (please get in touch).

However, as you said, I’m still new and I’m still getting used to Resonate, the team, the tools we use, etc.

So, please bear with me everyone – I’m here, setting myself up and making plans, while taking baby steps, posting here and there : )

Happy New Year, everyone – let’s make it count.


Hey all,

Thank you for the kind replies.

It’s been empowering to see others post in this forum about taking time for themselves as well, so I really appreciate the values and support that has developed within this organization that have encouraged me to do the same.

I may be a bit busier these next few weeks, but I’d like to figure out some time to connect, @simonfreund, so we can get you more situated with everything.

In the meantime, I will still be checking in on the forum from time to time, and I will be interested to learn more about what next steps for the co-op will look like as this will help @simonfreund and I figure out what tasks and priorities need attention moving forward.