Platform OKRs

Hi all,

Resonate performed the initial exercise of setting OKRs company wide in January.

I have since taken a first pass at setting developer OKRs that are in line with those broader company wide goals

Please take a look here Platform OKRs

Iā€™m asking for folks to (before Feb 21)

  1. Add comments on the Platform OKRs
  2. Add any additional OKRs you think are in-line with the company wide OKRs ā€” in the same document

Next steps will be

  1. Review and prioritize
  2. Check if there is any low-hanging fruit that volunteers can take on
  3. Determine how to handle larger projects

Going to aim for a meeting the week of the 21st for us to get started on next steps.

Will post in this topic to coordinate.

Broader product tasks are being tracked here