Player landing page text

Text for the landing page that people who aren’t logged-in to Resonate will see before entering the player.

Collated by @Sam_Martyn

It is important to display a clear distinction of what people can currently do on the player, but also some features we plan to add in the future.

Would love to gather some thoughts here from everyone, and then we can finalize things and get it on the page.

To start, Augustin mentioned maybe having something like this:

Current Features:

  • Discovery - Discover new sounds and genres from artists all over the world. New releases added daily!
  • Fair Play - Directly support the artists you love with our de-centralized ‘stream2own’ pricing model.
  • Control - Don’t just listen. Co-own your platform and become a part of an active community where you share in decisions and profits by becoming a Resonate Co-op member.
    Privacy - We play fair with your information too. We ask only for what we need to provide a trusted community streaming platform. We don’t sell you to anyone. You control what you share.

Features in Development!

  • Exploration .
    Browse by labels, artists, genre, and other creative roles with search filters.
  • Built for the web and mobile.
    Keep your music library synced with you at all time. No subscription or payment required.
  • Analytics and historical play reports.
    Track your listening habits, and see how much money went to creators.
  • Reach Out and Share
    Share listening credits with your friends and welcome new listeners and artists to Resonate with a gift.

Community Co-operation

Use your Resonate membership to join in a network of co-operatives… peer to peer, human-centric and secure.

Trust and Authentication

Protect our community work. Simple, verifiable licencing. Allow premium quality downloads, personalised streams and special offers.

Are there any very important/eye-catching features that we currently have, or are planning to add? I would be interested in adding more calls to action on this page in the future, especially for people who aren’t members, but that could probably be for version 2.


@melis_tailored This is very cool. I suggest we focus on the Website Text and any urgent Layout Updates first. We can start talking about this one and aim to do it once we’ve got some runs on the board on those more basic questions.

@auggod Can you link to the Figma design that relates to this?

@angus There’s no Figma design for this. I mocked up something on sketch a while ago.

Have you seen this? New player update + intro for volunteer devs

I will have the text for this finished asap. Then we can work on the design.

@melis_tailored @richjensen Just circling back again; you’re both happy with the current state of the text now? i.e. there will be more tweaks but @Timothee can incorporate the text that’s currently in the google doc into the new website design?

I’d like to write up an #platform:epics for this piece of work. Just want to make sure the pieces will be 100% set so all it will be will be “execution”.

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