Player & Website Epic

The Platform Epic for August and late July is focused on the player and marketing website.


By the end of this Epic we will achieve:

  • Everyone is using Player 7 instead of Player 6
  • ID server contains forms and payment facilities to handle listener membership payments
  • Prepare Forum for public launch

Tasks not yet in a Project

  • improve playlisting UI




August - September


@auggod @Timothee Hey guys, @Hakanto Is on leave this week, so we’ll be starting this next week.

We’ll be having a kick off meeting next week to cover the task list and set the github projects. Does 2021-08-03T13:00:00Z work for everyone?


Good for me.




See y’all there!

@auggod @Hakanto @Timothee Here’s a zoom for our meeting

@auggod @Hakanto @Timothee Hey guys, here’s a zoom for our meeting

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@auggod @Timothee hey guys, here we go

@Timothee Hey :slight_smile: Aug says you gave an update yesterday. Could you give a brief update on how you’re going here?

@Hakanto Also, when you get the chance can you give an async update on how you’re going on your epic items too?

Next week

  • @Timothee will give an update on website and figma progress
  • @Hakanto will give an update on his forum work
  • @auggod will have merged the refactoring PR - aiming to merge this on thursday.

@angus Hi, I’m working on the website redesign right now. Here is the website prototype link with the Homepage and the Manifesto page if you wan’t to have a look — I’m on Zoom btw.


Oh sorry! Just missed you there. We just had a quick check-in.

Fantistic :slight_smile: When you’re done ping @auggod as he’ll be working in with you there.

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@Timothee looking good :+1:

@melis_tailored check out the new Manifesto page here. Does that work with the new Manifesto text?

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It looks great.

For the manifesto page - is the text supposed to be double?

For the Manifesto page, I think we shouldn’t repeat the 3 paragraphs on the top of the Homepage, because the repetition feels like we are on the same page. So is it ok if we start directly with “It’s time to play fair.” @melis_tailored ?

Yes, that would be fine.

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I just added to About page to the prototype. You can access it via the Learn menu in the header or via the footer link. Do not hesitate to add comments directly on the prototype using the C key.

Next pages, with some questions for @melis_tailored:

  • Stream2own (Pricing): do we keep the same content we already have have here?
  • The Co-op: is this Google Doc the final version?
  • Team: do we have an up-to-date reference document with members, roles and network partners?
  • Community Credentials: we keep the same content from this page ?
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Hi @Timothee

stream2own new page is here

i would say it’s 99% agreed.

co-op page - yes, that’s the new one. again 99% fixed.

team - this should be correct on the current site for the board.
then in the main website new text doc there is the new team page - it’s just missing the final “in our network” names.
? will it be easy for us to update those names and links in the new site?

community credentials - yes, that’s the main page but we need to be able to add to it easily and frequently as we have new work with the grants and test cases to add to it.

@auggod @Timothee @Hakanto hey guys! Epic time.


August 24 Checkin.


@auggod has 95% completed the stream work for the epic, with the work combined in this PR: Features/website launch release by auggod · Pull Request #96 · resonatecoop/stream · GitHub

He’ll be working on completing the PR this coming week, pending the finalised header and footer design.

  • @Hakanto will finish the header and footer links.


@Timothee has been working on the design of the website and has not yet started on the implementation in Hugo.

  • We’re adding blog page design and implementation to the website scope for this epic
  • This week will focus on missing pages and ensuring all links are correct
  • Feedback on design
  • May start dev


  • We’ll have a seperate ID server / profile onboarding call with @Hakanto and @Nick_M, @Timothee
  • Add the checklist plugin (angus)
  • Raise with the rest of the co-op that we’re thinking of taking the current public categories public.

@Hakanto @auggod @Timothee Hey guys, here we go