Player website - Staff Picks way out of date

Was going to drop this in the player section, but that looked waaaay more focused on product dev, and a quick search showed staff picks topics appearing in here, so…

It’s not a biggie, but on the default flyer web site there’s a list of staff picks - but it’s dated Aug 21

I must admit when I saw that, it did make me pause and think “Oh. This isn’t being looked at, then…” - it’s not the best first impression.

I’m not saying there needs to be a fresh staff picks every month (though obvs. that would be cool), but for now I’d just lose the date…:wink:



Agreed. Staff Picks got lost in the mix during some past discussions. Thanks for highlighting this – I’ll keep an eye on getting it going again!


If you like, You could use the playlists I’m creating for CAMP Radio.

I’ll be making one every four weeks and for now the plan is to make it from new releases

This one is for a show to be broadcast on 27th March: Resonate

I need to have the show ready 10 days before broadcast so the next playlist should be ready on 14th April.

(BTW - I don’t know why the images are nearly all for the same track…)

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@Hakanto if possible just going in and re-arranging the order of the tracks occasionally would be an improvement.

Reclaim These Streets has been the default first track for months


What is the process for creating new staff picks?