Playlists and Track Discovery

A proposed epic focused on play-listing and track discovery. See further

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real-world case (maybe separate from this track discovery topic?): @datafruits sent me a link to his label page to suggest to add some of his label’s tracks to a playlist, perhaps on the playlist UI we can view the ‘related labels’ on the metadata to allow for easier discovery of labels from the playlist page?

Now that ‘featured label’ has been removed from the home, label discovery has been reduced.

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  • playlist (probably trackgroup) slugs shouldn’t change by default upon title change
  • if a user does want to change the slug (or title if they’re still linked) then they should be warned that this will break old links


Since this automated tracks stats email idea seemed to have consensus at the October Assembly (part 1), could we add the user story on to this Playlists and Track Discovery Epic, with the modification that each track has links to an example public playlists it is a member of?

Although I am trying to shoe-horn this feature into this epic, it would present regular reminders to the users / members that playlists exist and to try listening to one.

For example, if track 1, track 2, and track 3 were the top tracks, and track 1 is in 100 public playlists, track 2, in 0, and track 3 in 10 playlists, it would list them like:

track 1 by artist name in non-playlist trackgroup(s)
Listen to track 1 in playlist name of 1 random playlist track belongs to

track 2 by artist name in non-playlist trackgroup(s)

track 3 by artist name in non-playlist trackgroup(s)
Listen to track 3 in playlist name of random playlist track belongs to