Podcasts Types for Resonate Audiences

Just engaging with an internally generated resonate podcast, yep this sounds cool.

I’ve seen elsewhere some concerns about, e.g., bandcamp daily and editorial issues but I think bandcamp have some good contributors (I’m a fan of Marc Master’s experimental round ups - https://daily.bandcamp.com/contributors/marc-masters).

Music is music, genre is just silly walls we put up between stuff, yet it’s also where we stake out a community, find our people, etc. I like the idea that spaces will develop where someone I trust can recommend stuff to me I’m likely to engage with. Nothing against, e.g., techno, and it should be celebrated just as much as anything else, but it’s rarely for me.

So yeah, I’m down with tastemakers (though full of caveats about how we can resist gatekeeping which is a conversation for another day).


Yes exactly, and all of what you said in the following post. I had originally been inspired by this show on Sirus XM where they have bands host for a week. (They had a Foo Fighters one that was just fantastic.) Each band member talked about the making of their record from their perspective, about what songs they were listening to while they were making it or writing it. They also had other people host, like David Letterman, to talk about some of his favorite moments with the band, and some of their songs he loves. This is just one idea. Another is to have, as we have been saying a taste maker. I think a simple starting point to avoid the gatekeeper affect is to have a rolling, elected person, (who obviously volunteers to be considered as the curator.) We could just start with a Resonate Monthly. A little community update of some releases from the month, maybe new labels that have joined, play a few songs, and shout out any important community dates! (Like hey come to our holiday hang out or dont forget to vote in this upcoming…)
Eventually it would be really cool to have new and upcoming or established taste makers drop by and check out the artists on Resonate (OUR content, our tribe) and talk about what they’ve discovered here that is no where else that they love! So many ways we could keep spinning this. See what I did there??? :stuck_out_tongue: