Possibility of a regular Resonate based radio show


I’ve been asked if I would submit a proposal for a regular radio show on CAMP Radio http://listen.camp/

I’m thinking a Resonate based show might be a good idea.

I think there were 116 or so new releases this month so there’s plenty of music.

It would be nice if the community could be involved. I’m thinking things like people on the forum suggesting ‘must hear’ songs, a featured artist slot, maybe get artists to record a 60s introduction to themselves, maybe people talking the future of music, streaming, coops etc.

I think my baseline easiest option is to create an hour long playlist and add some voice links. The great thing about this is I can point people to the playlist.

The rest would be nice to have and dependent on people contributing and resources/available time.

The CAMP shows will end up on mixcloud! Providing a way for people to listen/discover Resonate music, outside Resonate. Is that ‘ok’?

I did a show for local community radio recently. Wave - Radio Show - #2 by theargentgrub
It is on their listen again service for 30 days, but nowhere permanently, so I figured that was ok.

That station plays a blanket royalty free so nothing goes to individual artists directly, but into the general ppl PRS pots in the UK. I’m not sure how CAMP Radio works but I suspect it’s similar.

Thoughts welcome. Thanks


Just bumping this to people for any views/opinions.
@Hakanto does this raise any ethical issues for the co-op - shows will end up on Mixcloud for example - although Mixcloud will pay royalties I’m told.
Are there any other people working on similar projects? Should it work with the Zine people for example?


As someone who has just made an account and is exploring the music, this would be an ideal way of finding new stuff, given almost all the releases are unknown to me.

Also a great way of spreading word about the platform and project, using existing listener base. Posted about the platform in the Discourse Forum for the Dublin Digital Radio community, which is a great online station with a relatively big presence in the Irish scene: Dublin Digital Radio. Same kind of ethos, I think linkages with projects like these a great way to serve and grow artists, projects, communities.


Thanks @kejones

I also like that by creating a playlist that is effectively the show, the playlist can be shared and listened to. And it’s there all the time. (although I’m not sure how discoverable they are at the moment)

Thanks for the links as well, will check them out.