Possible bug, album not loading

Some time back I had a release added to resonate that was a tour split with 2 artists.

I’m hazy on the e-mail exchange but basically:

  • Artist 1, Jehova’s Fitness, was already on Resonate
  • Artist 2, Scree Fucking Junk, had a Resonate artist account created.
  • Tracks were uploaded and assigned to relevant artists.
  • Tracks were somehow Frankensteined together to make a release (with album artist credited as Various Artists).

Here’s how it shows on my label page (Resonate):

It shows on the new player too (Resonate):

You’ll also note here though that it appears below the page navigation and above the bio. If you use the page nav it disappears, even if you navigate back to page 1. It only displays this release when navigating directly to the artist page without additional URL parameters.

But the album page itself (Resonate) doesn’t load (note ‘undefined’ in that URL):

Tracks play fine from the label page and track links work fine too (e.g., Resonate).

The SFJ track doesn’t appear on SFJ’s artist page though (Resonate):

I know there’s issues with ‘multiple artists’ already and the way this release was hacked together is maybe not supported but I also thought this all might be useful for debugging etc.


GH issue handle multiple artists in release on artist detail · Issue #106 · resonatecoop/stream · GitHub

just to see what would happen I put them in a playlist, seems to work fine.

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In my (hazy) understanding, this has to do with how the Tracks API is currently set up and it will be fixed in the future when a new trackgroup is defined for Various Artist releases. Continued the convo on github :hammer_and_wrench:

linking these threads for future bug hunters