Post-Mortem on Transition Off of Wordpress

It’d be cool if after every major project Resonate undertakes, if we could do a blameless post-mortem where we review how the project went, what happened, what could be changed in the future, etc.

I think we could cover topics like:

  • Reflecting on what the timeline was?
  • What were communication gaps / who should be notified in the future?
  • When problems were encountered, how could we improve our responses, and how could we communicate those responses out?
  • What, technically, can we put in place to make this kind of process easier in the future?

I think we could do a kick-off meeting and then maybe reflect more async?

Here’s a when2meet for picking a time that works best for people.

Would be great to have @richjensen @jeremy @auggod @Timothee @piper @peter @brndnkng @alexcrane @replygirl @Hakanto @Nick_M

I’m sure there are others who were involved in that transition that I’m not even aware of!