Potential Verifiable Credentials Use Cases

Drafted by @Nick_M on behalf of Resonate eSSIF-lab team.

We have explored several use cases:

1. Artist Circle

As an artist I want to offer privileged access to a circle of my proven supporters.

Presentation of a credential admits access to a private group and category on Resonate community forum where an artist can maintain a ‘landing page’ and share special content or discuss their work with proven supporters.

Resonate player service issues a VC credential on ‘buy now’ or reaching 9 plays level (you own this track)

Listener stores credential in their wallet and presents it to the verifier service to gain access to the Artist Circle. (For a limited period?)

Artist circle contains links to protected services such as videos or livestreams, or trial tracks. Artist may engage in discussion.

2. Event Access

As an artist I want to be able to offer simple, verifiable ticket access to my event.

An artist or their representative may set up a community forum ‘ticket’ page (Perhaps in their Artists Circle).

Resonate balance ledger and billing service (to be developed) takes payment and issues a ticket credential to a user wallet.

User presents credential to gain access to the ticket page, which is then shown to staff at door of gig, or printed.

Integration with the venue ticketing system is also a possibility - verifier API.

3. Recurring Micropayment Support for Artists or Commissioned work

As a listener I would like to offer regular support to an artist or group of artists and or a specific proposed new work by making regular payments. (More affordable, community-based version of Patreon)

Resonate balance ledger and billing service issues a credential to the listener-contributor on making a payment and artist / proposed musical work allocation.

Listener stores credential in their wallet and presents it to the verifier service to gain access to the Artist Circle,or to other external, third-party ecosystem service, such as redeeming the credential for a physical copy of the work, or merchandise.

4. Co-Creation, Budgeting and Licencing for New Musical Work

As an Artist I want to work with co-creators in the creation of a musical work and to record the cost and future revenue splits and for all involved to receive a verifiable credential for their involvement and contribution, financial or otherwise.

Creators and contributors record their agreed splits and contributions in a suitable co-budgeting app such as Splitwise: https://www.splitwise.com. Agreed split is then exported as a JSON and signed as a VC by parties involved. Split may be part funded by recurring payments under 3 above.

Creators and contributors store their credentials in their wallet and present them to be verified by music services (Resonate and others) in order to claim rights/royalty payments.

5. Venue Performance Rights

As a performance venue I wish to play Resonate tracks in public and settle my rights payments owed to artists for public plays.

Venue signs in to player / forum and plays tracks which are logged (as a playlist?) in a verifiable credential, issued by the Resonate balance ledger and billing service on receipt of royalty payment from venue.

6. Ethical alternative to NFTs

As a graphic artist with content on the player I want to offer listener-viewers the opportunity to contribute to my work.

Note: this is a policy / ethical issue for Resonate. Some artists have suggested that NFT-like certificates could be issued. Others are concerned by the commodification of art that this represents.

On selecting an artwork, the user is offered the opportunity to contribute a set amount of credits for the work and a VC is issued in the name of the artist and the contributing user. The artist may choose to limit the number of credentials on offer.

The credential is kept in the user’s wallet and traded (by listing on a separate marketplace) at the discretion of the artist.

7. Mutual KYC and Membership for Co-operatives

As a supporter of the co-operative movement, I would like it to be easier to join other co-operatives without repeated verification of original identity proofs. As a co-operative we would like to work with other co-operatives under principle 6 to mutualise the cost of KYC.

A co-op in the network, with Discourse and the CC plugin, issues membership credentials using a templated, mutually acceptable membership process.

Members hold and present these credentials to new co-ops within the network, which apply their verification rules before granting access. Partner co-operatives mutualise the KYC process costs through a separate accounting process.

8. ‘Coalition’ / ‘White Label’ Loyalty Schemes for Co-operatives

As a co-operative I would like to participate in a privacy-respecting loyalty scheme that encourages and rewards the consumption of goods and services from other co-operatives.

A co-op operates a loyalty scheme in which members are issued points credentials based on desirable member behaviours and consumption of qualifying goods and services. Participating co-ops issue vouchers of points which provide value in the form of a discount on future sales.

Members present their points credentials in exchange for discount on sales at co-operative ‘checkouts’ processes.

9. Mutual Exchange / Community Inclusion Currency

As a member of a community co-operative I would like to support ‘circular’ mutual value exchange where goods and services are exchanged in a local trading scheme.

Members with appropriate reputation (see processes in # 7) may issue their own ‘promises’ of future value in exchange for future credit that can be spent on other community member-provided goods and services such as food, accommodation, tour transport, technical services / equipment loans, gig setup.

Individual current balances and trading history are held in a credential that may be selectively disclosed to other members prior to transacting an exchange / promise.

Re-issue of credentials and verification of transactions is executed by a (centralised) community accounting component.

10. Mutual Community Investment Trust Shares

As a member and supporter of the co-operative movement I would like to purchase redeemable supporter shares in a mutual fund established to support co-operatives so that I can make an ethical, modest savings investment for my future.

A co-operative savings institution / fund would be created, offering digital savings certificates as a credential in investor wallets.

The collective fund would offer loan / supporter share investments to participating co-operatives.

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Just wanted to highlight some interesting work in the field of ‘commons accounting’ and mutual exchange that might one day replace such a centralised community bookkeeping solution. It’s experimental, and years away, but in the meantime we can start to think about and describe such exchanges at the ecosystem level rather than as a narrow accounting thing:


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