Pre-Epic Scoping

Can do :sunflower:

@Hakanto @Nick_M Thanks guys, see you at 2021-09-06T15:00:00Z

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@Hakanto @Nick_M here we go

User Onboarding Flow

  1. Wording and links to signup form

    • Terminology
    • Placement
  2. After you submit the join form

    • You see an interstitial screen with a success message
    • You’re sent a verification email
    • Verification link in your email will:
      • Verify your email
      • Log you in
      • Take you to the user profile chooser
  3. User profile chooser

    • What choices should you see on the initial profile chooser screen?
    • How should the 3 flows be sequenced?
    • Described as verbs(?)
      • Listen to music?
      • Upload your music?
      • Manage multiple artists?



  • Delete your Account will delete your entire user record which may includes multiple personas

Todos (assignments)

  • @Hakanto what does the user see when they click the confirm email link?

  • @Hakanto what do the user stories in the profile creation part of the onboarding look like?

    • Listener
    • Artist
    • Label
  • @Nick_M What is the minimum amount of info required to fulfiul the profiles? Specifically how it relates to resonte’s obligations under the GDPR

  • @Nick_M Relatedly how much can we rely on Stripe to hold, and how much should we share with them?

Next Week

  • Follow up on todos
  • Start to discuss the financial transaction / accounting side of the onboarding more.

@Hakanto @Nick_M @auggod hey guys @datafruits will be joining us for our next call on this as he’s keen to be involved on the dev side of things.


hey, just discussed having a “getting set up” call with @auggod - maybe it makes sense to do this on the same day as an existing call. Ultimately it will be whatever fits @auggod’s schedule :slight_smile: .

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@Nick_M @Hakanto @datafruits @auggod Hey guys, just checking we’re all still good for the call today. Our agenda:

I’ll be there, but in the future we should move this call an hour earlier or elsewhere. It’s right now at the same to as the Anchor Session

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@Nick_M @Hakanto @auggod @datafruits An hour earlier would be great for me (10pm instead of 11pm) if you guys are free in 20 mins. If everyone replies we’ll do it then instead (if not, same time as listed). In any event we’ll do it an hour earlier next week.

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OK for me.

Hour earlier doesn’t work for me this week but yes to next week!

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Ok here we go

*** Note the earlier time for the next one of these ***

@Hakanto @Nick_M @auggod To summarise

  • @Hakanto what does the UX for the artist look like on 0.3 Profile Info
  • @Nick_M what does the following look like in the Join the Co-Op section for listeners
    • Copy
    • UX
    • Action after submit button is pressed (i.e. go to stripe form?)
  • For both of you: what does the Join the Co-op section look like for artists (if it’s there at all).

@auggod One of the upshots of this is that we’ve removed the following from the initial onboarding flow. We’ll want to keep them in the profile(s) on the id server still though (editable after the initial flow)

  • Avatar
  • Banner
  • Bio

We should probably also have contextual edit buttons in the player for each element (I can add links to the id server for the same elements in Discourse). Do you agree?

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@angus do i have figma edit rights again, or shall I first mock something up in markup below?

This post now moved to a separate topic:

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@Nick_M This is fantastic! I’ve given you editor powers in the figma (and removed mine for now as I’m not doing anything atm). Could you


Where might we capture City/regional data?

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See address city and region above. Applies to members only.

@Hakanto @Nick_M @auggod Hey ya’ll, here we go

Yes … sorry… booting up