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@Nick_M This is fantastic! I’ve given you editor powers in the figma (and removed mine for now as I’m not doing anything atm). Could you


Where might we capture City/regional data?

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See address city and region above. Applies to members only.

@Hakanto @Nick_M @auggod Hey ya’ll, here we go

Yes … sorry… booting up

@Hakanto @Nick_M @auggod That was great guys. @Nick_M’s background work on the Stripe API has just cut our development work for this epic down by at least 1/3! :clap:

Ok for this coming week @Nick_M Will focus on 0.4 Profile, what the users sees when they return to their profile to update details, change their subscriptions and / or delete their account.

@auggod and @Hakanto you guys don’t need to do anything on this front for this coming week. We’ll still want you at the next meeting, but I think it’s best if Nick stays focused on this and you guys focus on your other areas, for the next week at least.

We’ll return to the other quetsions we didn’t cover next week, as they’ll be more pertinent a bit further down the track here, namely these:


@Nick_M Just a note for both you and me (I forgot both of these for this weeks meeting). We should include these in our planning here:

@angus will confer with @Nick_M about including in the accounting epic



Should we be asking for city in user onboarding / profile?

(from Rich)

City and country are useful metrics for artists - without invading privacy.
Without them, artists can’t reach out to fans in certain areas about shows.

Yes we could add that to the sign-up and ensure that marketing permission is requested and the purpose of artist outreach is added.

But as soon as the one hour of free listening credit has expired, for top up we ask them for address data including city as part of checkout, all secured in the stripe api. We can retrieve and use it when we need to.

At the moment, country is for rights and statistical purposes only, with a newsletter permission on the use of the email. We hold the absolute minimum about a listener until they buy credit and/or join as a member.

I guess the thinking was that listeners are serious supporters of the artist then they should join as a member and… and open up the permissioning for artist outreach as an active member using privacy-respecting tools like community credentials for safe P2P interactions.

We have ‘follows’ and ‘feeds’ on the profiles, opening up the prospect of a full on social graph thing, Facebook-style. I think we need to think more carefully about how we use that stuff.

@Nick_M @Hakanto @auggod here we go guys

Sorry guys, I can’t make it this time.


September 27

@Nick_M @Hakanto @boopboop Another good meeting all, thanks for the contributions!

To recap: Nick took us over 0.4 Profile Update UX, and we came to a landing on a number of items, as reflected in the design. We’ve now completed 0.4 for the purposes of the epic. See

We also discussed the following

  • We’ll need an explanation of why we are asking for address information and credit card information in stripe itself. We’ll need to add this into the checkout page if possible. Perhaps also note this in the profile page help text the user sees prior to being linked to Stripe. In particular we need to note the following

    • We use the information in our KYC process
    • We comply with GDPR and other relevant regulatory regimes
    • Information is kept entirely private and never shared
  • @boopboop questioned whether we could potentially connect artists with labels (interesting idea)

Tasks (for next week)

  • @Hakanto will review the help text on pages 0.3 Profile Info (onboarding) and 0.4 Profile info (updating) (i.e. text in the right hand column.

    • What help text do we show to different user types (Artist / Listener / Label)
    • What handbook topics do we link to?
  • @Nick_M will prepare 0.5 Profile Stripe Data showing how we will

    • Display a member’s data stored in Stripe
    • Allow a member to update their billing details in Stripe
  • @Nick_M will review the existing Artist Info Screens with a view to the following

    • How do we link to these pages from the main profile?
    • Do the Artist Info screens need updating?
  • @boopboop will have a look / think about how we’re representing “Genres” in the Artist Info Pages. Does this make sense?

Agenda (for next week)

  • 0.5 Profile Stripe Data (definite)
  • Artist Info Screens (definite)
  • Set a date for start of epic development (definite)
  • User-facing profile (maybe)
    • Avatar
    • Banner
    • Bio
    • Location
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I did some tidying up yesterday:

  • added some notes on reduced free credits and pricing of credit packs
  • added some notes on 0.4 update your profile, including what happens if folks switch type of profile
  • added detail and logic for the Leaving Resonate page (0.43)
  • added some placeholder text for the ID server verification / signup emails 0.2

…haven’t properly checked against the last approved set of website and sign-up copy…

There are three layouts in there for 0.4 ‘update your profile’, but it is essentially the SAME update profile screen, with dynamic prompts / content. The different layouts there are simply to help visualise what appears (and what doesn’t appear) for:
0.41 a listener who is not a member
0.42 a member (listener, artist/label)
0.43 anyone leaving

Hope that is OK! @Hakanto please work your magic and give the text and prompts a look over :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is the updated logic and data x-references for the sign-up flow:

(Note that the message text displayed in that original post are indicative only and may have been overtaken by subsequent edits in the Figma)

@Nick_M @Hakanto Fyi we’re putting a notice about this upcoming epic in the newsletter going out friday

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@Nick_M @auggod @Hakanto Hey guys, here we go

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@Hakanto @auggod @Nick_M @boopboop Thanks everyone for coming, and thanks again to @Nick_M for putting in the time to get this onboarding and accounting flow in shape.

Our Epic starts next week on our (almost) completed designs!

Final Product To-Dos

  1. Explicitly show user flow in design
  2. Resolve representation of shares / memberships (for Nick, Angus and Hakanto in tomorrow’s meeting)
  3. @Nick_M Am I missing any final todos here?

Next Week

@developers Our next Development Epic formally starts next week with a kick-off meeting at 2021-10-11T14:00:00Z2021-10-11T15:00:00Z. A new Epic topic will be made for it with an event later in the week.

I’ll also be mapping out this Epic in Github issues later in the week and we’ll deal with assignments in next week’s meeting. If anyone wants to take a particular part of the work reply below.

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@developers here we go!

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This is now our current epic!

This topic will close in a few days

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