Pressing - Message for the newsletter

I am putting together the newsletter - with the aim of getting it out next week.

I would appreciate your input as follows -
rich - message from the executive… just a few sentences is enough about whatever you feel is pressing, including perhaps Hakanto as chair, alliances

brandon - message from the community lead - a few sentences about the community, progress made, alliances, vital work etc. i will include details on

hakanto - interesting topics you think i should highlight in the forum.
this will include community voting on the manifesto.
when are the next community/volunteer meet ups scheduled for?

nick - tech update, new grants? - couple of sentences.
any bigger public donators we need to thank?

the rest i already have planned. but if you want to check something is on my list, LMK.



I’ll take a look for forum topics. The most important ones which I’ll be posting soon will be about:

  • how to apply to become a worker-member at the next general meeting
  • the vision to take the forum public and to hear forum folks’ responses to that

Making the forum (at least most of it) public is a key part of the current dev epic. While all members’ opinions should be heard here, the most important ones are those of the members who have been active in the forum over the past two years.

The question about making the forum public primarily affects them, since a significant number of our members have never stepped foot in the forum.

Volunteer meetups haven’t been scheduled and no one is currently at the helm of that process. I don’t see any real harm in having such a meeting soon, but I see the top priority as getting the worker-members group formed. At the same time I’m working on writing the Worker Agreement, which will help everyone be on the same page about what the journey looks like for folks who want to contribute work to resonate.

I think these have been a key missing piece of our volunteer coordination efforts. Fixing them will help our future volunteers/workers feel a clearer sense of ownership and belonging, leading to more of them sticking around I hope. So getting that stuff done first before having an orientation call would be ideal.

@melis_tailored you down if I most this private message thread to the Workshop area so it’s easier to keep in focus? I have so many forum messages right now lol

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Copy that. Some content coming up :slightly_smiling_face:


…best to get that from @Angus now. If you want some general statements on our tech policy and principles to ‘feature’ or link to in the newsletter, see this post.


There is no sign of the eSSIF-Lab BOC2 announcement yet (they are waiting for the legal checks to complete) so best say nothing on Stay Fair Play Fair yet… (also wait for Jonathan at to call this.)

eSSIF-Lab BOC1 funding final stage payment of €41k is due on Thursday this week:

“With the final part of our EU Next Generation Internet grant funding from ESSIF-Lab, we are able to move forward on trials of privacy-respecting ‘Artist Circles’ and further roll out of Community Credentials to our community. We are hugely grateful to all those who have participated and for the great support we have had from our EU NGI coaches. Thanks also to the other inspiring teams working with us to build a better, privacy-respecting internet. Look out in Community Forum for further news and developments.”

brandon - community update

Resonate Cooperative has had a series of conversations with grassroots alliances and organizations in the United States and Europe focusing on a collaborative effort to draw in on the experience and expertise of frontline communities in co-constructing our platform and developing tech-tools with digital dignity. Check out our TRUST Community Engagement Report to have a better sense of how that work is shaping. We’ve made updates to The Resonate Manifesto, which defines and further clarifies our intentions and purpose for building our cooperative in the ways we are. In the spirit of cooperation and collaboration, we also wanted to invite you to check out’s Solidarity Not Charity - Grantmaking in the Solidarity Economy Report, as about their Study-To-Action Public+Talks they’re having on Fridays starting in September.

@melis_tailored lmk if this works


Moved topic to Workshop

hey @melis_tailored, did the newsletter ever go out? It’s not in my spam and I can’t find it.

no, still working on some aspects

@melis_tailored here’s a link to include in the newsletter:

Invite folks to follow the link and RSVP for the next General Meeting! Please include the time and date as well.

Great, thank you.

does anyone have anything else to write/share/add to the newsletter?
we’re now aiming for Friday - so please have everything to me latest on wednesday.


Final call for any updates to the newsletter. We are finalising it for tomorrow.



Trying to get clearance from colleagues in to announce this:

…or at least say something now that the winning teams have been announced among the EU Next Generation Internet community.

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In addition, Rich mentioned he would take a look at setting up our open collective page with some projects to reflect our funding needs. If we could put in a link to that in the newsletter, it could be shared more widely?

This is the ‘ask’ I updated for an upcoming EU NGI-facilitated meet potential backers session:

We have an existing, attractive web app player with approximately 20k tracks. We need an ‘app store presence’ and our back-end capacity for growth, including bulk uploading and rights management, needs improvement.​

UX Design €15k​
Front and Back-end Software Engineers and Developers €65k​
Catalogue management team (Artist and Track data management, rights management) €30k​
Marketing team €20k​
Member services team €10k​
Mobile apps design shop contract €90k​

Project Management €18k​

Here is the context - they asked projects to complete a ‘business canvas’. Here’s ours:

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re: current postponements with our rulebook/secretary matters, think it’s prudent to hold off about introducing sue or me yet — will send farewell notice shortly though


Former chairperson Terry Tyldesley and former Secretary Nick Meyne have announced their retirement from Resonate’s Board of Directors. While the co-operative is saddened to see them move forward from their governance roles, Resonate is elated for the new ventures both Terry and Nick are to embark on both within and outside of Resonate. Both board members tirelessly served Resonate for years, and we thank them for their invaluable contributions to building our community, and cannot wait to see all they proceed to accomplish.

@Nick_M @terry please feel free to edit and add details for anything you’d like us to mention !


@angus and I met earlier today to review the rulebook and concluded that we have likely been running past board appointments incorrectly – including this recent one. Until we sort through that and come to an agreement about election standards, we don’t have clarity about the status of Sunita and Sue as board members. Out of respect for everyone involved – especially Sunita and Sue – let’s hold off on any announcements about their roles just yet.

Further elaborated on in Boardroom:

That is very kind Sunita, Thank you!

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Any news here @Nick_M ?