Pricing and credits

For an overview of our pricing model, see here:

Play fair, pay fair

Our model lets you affordably explore music while rewarding the artists you love – without being interruped by transactions, advertisements, and paywalls. Your spent credits go to the artists you listen to. They are not pooled or divided up by percentage of plays across the platform.

70% of what you spend on Resonate goes directly to those artists, labels or rights holders as earnings. 30% is reserved for the co-op and goes toward building and maintaining Resonate.

Stream it 'til it’s free

To purchase a track in full costs 1.25 EUR (~1.41 USD). This amount is paid gradually over your first 9 plays of a track. The first plays are very inexpensive and the price doubles with each play.

After your 9th play of the track, it’s free to stream from then on. You can find tracks you own in your Collection.

Credits and charges

The Resonate Player keeps track of how many times you’ve listened to each song in our catalog. As you listen, credits are deducted from your account wallet.

While listening, you’ll never spend more credits than what you’ve added to your account wallet and you’ll never spend more than 1.022 credits per song. When you run out of credits in your account, you can purchase more.

Price per repeat plays on a track

After your 9th play of a track, you own it and stream it for free.

play in credits in euros in US dollars*
1st 0.002 0.0024 0.0027
2nd 0.004 0.0048 0.0054
3rd 0.008 0.0096 0.0108
4th 0.016 0.0192 0.0217
5th 0.032 0.0384 0.0434
6th 0.064 0.0768 0.0868
7th 0.128 0.1536 0.1735
8th 0.256 0.3072 0.347
9th 0.512 0.6144 0.694
total 1.022 1.25 1.4125
  • exchange rate at Jan 20, 2022


While listening, when is a play counted and credits are moved?
A track is counted as played upon passing the 45 second mark of the track. At this moment, the play is counted and credits are moved from your account into the artist’s account.

What about tracks shorter than 45 seconds?
Tracks that are shorter than 45 seconds are always free to stream. Plays are counted in the system, however there is no transaction; the listener is not charged and the track owner does not receive credits.

Behind the scenes

For those curious, credits are represented differently in our internal accounting. While a listener may see 23.029 credits in their account wallet on the Resonate Player, internally the number is tracked as 23029. This way, our system avoids decimals.

Rather like the difference between measuring something in meters vs millimeters, each has its use.


Let’s refine this guide together into our core resource on understanding and pitching Stream2own to folks, from the elevator pitch level all the way down to pricing details per play in different currencies.

If you can summarize Stream2own in a tweet, or have other writing ideas to contribute, write them below.

The better we make this guide, the better we’ll be able to make everything else: our website, our marketing, our fundraising – you name it. :boom:

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This is great @Hakanto, thanks!

It definitely helps with promoting stream2own and any calculations we want to give examples of for the crowdfunding campaign.

Could we add a column in the “Price per play” section above for US Dollars?

I believe this would be the current conversion, but please double check my math.

1st Play - $0.0030
2nd Play - $0.0060
3rd Play - $0.0119
4th Play - $0.0238
5th Play - $0.0477
6th Play - $0.0954
7th Play - $0.1907
8th Play - $0.3814
9th Play - $0.7629
Total - $1.5228

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Perhaps we should add something about the €1c minimum in here:

Q. I can see this is great for exploring - the first play is so cheap - but isn’t this unfair to some innovative / less popular artists or to longer works that don’t get so many repeat plays?

A. When we pay out to artists there is a guaranteed one cent (€0.01) per play: cheap exploration is subsidised collectively.


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Yeah absolutely this needs to be written in bold and underscored actually (I mean not really but… you get it) because I think it’s one of the most beautiful features so far (maybe my favorite) in that it is, absolutely, a redistribution tool. Redistribution is stronger in terms of ethics and more meaningful than the illusion of equality.

Edit: I wanted to add something I’ve always wondered about S2O, since it’s all “song based”, it means a 20 track albums is worth 20€ and a 10 tracks album is worth 10€ right? There’s no “album pricing” in a way, correct? Because with rap albums with 25 / 30 tracks, it might get pretty high pretty fast.


Updated the guide with your USD numbers. Appreciated. :boom:

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