Priming the Pump

I wish I could pay-to-own when I’m listening to Dandelion Radio…

Idea: let listeners to apply the resonate listen-to-own algorithm everywhere they listen. Put that pledged money in escrow for non-coop musicians/labels.

Contact people and let them know that they can claim the pledged funds by joining and promoting the coop.

Would require using integration or extending Web Scrobbler to determine what you listen to.

Would be really interesting to do this in a privacy preserving way that doesn’t disclose who pledges.

Solving this also would allow the business model to exist outside the core service.


Fascinating idea!

Paul - revisiting your great idea: Re privacy, please see the IRIS proposal for identity for Resonate.
Maybe a Web Scrobbler / integration service could create a link in the Resonate player (associated with the new ‘buy now’ button?) to pledge to a non-coop musician/label when the algorithm gets to the ‘own’ level? Listener credits would be transferred to the non-coop artist escrow fund - pooled. The link would also activate the user’s ID wallet and present an anonymous artist/label pledge credential to be held alongside the fund. If an artist/label joined and collected from the fund,to the amount of their pledges, they could anonymously thank the listeners individually (listeners can anonymously inspect status of pledges). (There’s a risk of correlation of algorithm link time / pledge transaction times in the accounting audit trail, I suppose?) Does that make sense?