Product Roadmap example from Open Collective

Been reading Open Collective’s documentation for ideas for how we can improve our own documentation and orientation materials.

There are many fascinating pages in their wiki. This one in particular jumped out at me with its clear and current presentation of what the company’s current quarter gameplan was, what its key projects are, and who is accountable for each project.

As a c-corp with non-profit arms, Open Collective is not necessarily a template for how our own co-op could or should operate – however its excellent documentation and their general style of transparency are hugely inspiring to me. I see these as well-worth riffing off of.

I’m very enthusiastic toward us having our own wiki which is this thorough!


Here’s another excellent wiki. This one by Loomio

And this one by Ampled


Funnily enough, I was just thinking about this just now and would love to see a simplified, accessible version of several of the topics that have been discussed recently, perhaps even with some pictorial elements for people who might be more visual in absorbing information. Also, I’d really like to help where possible but was struggling to find exactly what kind of volunteers might be needed right now or understand how I could be useful.

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