Proposal: New Forum Category "Recommended"

Over the last year and a half, the #1 topic that has had the most engagement in the Forum is Recommended Reading.

Within this topic, folks shared many fascinating links – to podcasts, articles, books, etc. However, I believe that many of these links generated less discussion than they could have because they were all nested within the same topic. As soon as a new recommended item was posted, conversation on previous ones would be cut off (not firmly, but in practice).

So I’d like to propose a new Category for recommendations! This would create a lot more breathing room for recommendations to generate larger discussion, as each recommendation would be posted as an independent topic rather than just as a comment.

If we wanted a bit more organization within the Category, we could create subcategories or tags for “books”, “podcasts”, “music”, etc, although my instinct is that most folks here are more interested in how mediums intersect than in keeping them 100% distinct.

How do y’all feel on creating this “Recommended” Category?

  • I like it!
  • Let’s try it and see how it goes
  • No preference
  • I think this could be a problem because…

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It’s nice really nice, though I already get so many recommandations to read something I can’t keep up! And I am years behind.

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There haven’t been any objections from the 23 folks who viewed this post over the last five days, so I’m going to go ahead and set up this category. Thanks to everyone that voted for their feedback!