Proposal: New Forum Category "Terraforming"

I’d like to start a new forum Category focused on improving and maintaining the forum itself. This would be a place to:

  • share ideas for remodeling or changing the forum
  • link to other inspiring forums we could learn from
  • discuss moderation activities and related roles
  • propose creating or deleting Categories
  • continue conversations from ForGov meetings

I’ve brainstormed names for this new category and most of the obvious ones strike me as a bit bland or overly formal: “Forum Governance” etc…

So I’m pitching the name “Terraforming”. The purpose isn’t as obvious, but I think the name is simply more interesting. The imagery of transforming the forum into a lush world is inspiring to me. :herb::herb::herb:

Create new Category: “Terraforming” ?
  • :star_struck: Been waiting my whole life for this
  • :+1:t4: I like the idea and the name
  • :seedling: Let’s try it and see how it goes
  • :partly_sunny: No preference
  • :bulb: An improvement would be…
  • :face_with_thermometer: This idea is a problem because…
  • :wastebasket: Eww, no thank you

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That sounds awesome!

I was also thinking about creating a topic/category for “Music Business” or some place where we could discuss ways to help creatives turn their craft into a main source of income.

One of the main reasons I started volunteering at Resonate was not only because I saw resonate as an awesome opportunity to build a fairer music streaming platform, but I also hoped that Resonate could eventually become a place where creatives could also have a lot of business opportunities that would help them turn their craft into their primary source of income.

I really believe there’s a way for many creatives, of all kinds, to make enough income to support themselves, but it starts by being able to think and work like an entrepreneur, in addition to being a creative.

Entrepreneurial consulting has become my main area of work during the day, so I would love to use this forum to not only share my knowledge, but to also get some needed feedback and pushback from others for my theories and beliefs around my business concepts and thoughts to help creatives.

Let me know what will work best, and I would love using this proposed category as a centralized place to manage additional requests like mine.

Interested in hearing more from everyone on this!



Transparency is important so I think this is a great way to embody that. Naming is tricky, but I like “terraforming” to start with anyway.

When talking about databases in software engineering, the term “cultivation” is more than relevant. Your database tables are valuable as a result of researching what metrics truly matter to all participants.

I’d propose an addition for your list:

  • Periodically review the new-member experience to maintain the integrity of accessibility to important information, discussion and opportunities.

Anecdotal but having joined the forum yesterday I think this forum seems great so far, have been able to find what I needed so far.


“Periodically review the new-member experience to maintain the integrity of accessibility to important information, discussion and opportunities.”

Love this. Fundamental and well phrased.

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Sam. Yes to a music business category. And yes to brainstorming and entrepreneurship. There are so many exciting things happening at resonate right now and several priorities. But I think business ideas and help would foster engagement of the community.

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Alright, after 4 days and some responses, I’ve decided to close this poll.

The majority of those who voted said “let’s try it and see how it goes” and there were no clear objections. I’ll launch Terraforming tomorrow!

In the spirit of “let’s see how it goes” I’ll make sure there is a clear space in the category for folks to share feedback, and I’ll host an open “review session” in early February.

@Sam_Martyn I encourage you to create a topic in the new Terraforming category to propose a “Music Business” category! Feel free to just copy/paste a lot of what you’ve already written here, of course :grinning:

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I’ve closed this Topic. To continue discussion on this or related themes please start a new Topic in Terraforming.