Proposal to Resonate Coop Board to have Member Meeting in early August

peace Resonate Coop membership and board,

sunita and i are requesting the board to approve Resonate Coop having a membership meeting in early August. our goal with this meeting is to share news, update membership on coop progress, provide a space for community engagement engage, along with providing a space for us to share coop resolutions.

we’d like to discuss the following but not limited to collaborator class discussions, platform update, and member resolutions.

please let us know if this can work for you

thank you!

brandon and sunita

board members cc’d: @peter @terry @greg @Hakanto @kalam.ali @melis_tailored @nati @Nick_M @richjensen


Thanks for the proposal, seems a great one. I’d suggest there be a vote on here ASAP, as the date of the next Board Meeting has not been set yet and I am sure you need to get on with organising.

@Nick_M or @Hakanto could you set up a vote?


Will do! This has my full support! Especially excited for the founding of the Collaborator class. :champagne:

Folks who have contributed work will have the opportunity to put themselves forward to be approved as Collaborator Members.


@brndnkng @sganesh @terry I’ve forwarded this to the Board for a vote :v:t4:


The board has approved the proposal to convene a General Meeting. :+1:t4:

Unfortunately, early August seems unavailable due to the way some other scheduling is coming together. Factoring in all the various tasks that need to be done – and the tasks to prep the upcoming Board Meeting – it seems that the earliest window for this General Meeting would be the last week of August.

You can see on this calendar how I’ve been scheming out all the upcoming tasks. I believe this schedule is fair to the various folks who are expected to prepare reports, agendas, etc for the Board Meeting and General Meeting – and it should provide enough time for members to be contacted and made aware of the General Meeting.

We may be able to also do the General Meeting on August 21st, if the Board Meeting can happen on August 1,2 or 3.