Query tool for social media pack

As a worker, I want to be able to query Resonate’s system to fetch information on a release, artist, or label from the Player and have that information be exportable in a way that is easy to share on social media.


@hakanto: "When creating content for social media and the new weekly release blog, @terry ​and I have quickly realized how much work it takes to collect artists’ info, social media account handles, release descriptions, album art, etc.

It occurred to me that nearly all of this info is already in our system, whether uploaded with a release or in the artist’s profile. Our social media abilities would be greatly expanded, and labor greatly minimized, if some sort of query tool was created that could collect this info from our system and package it.

The ultimate version imaginable would be a sort of interface on the Upload Tool’s Releases Dashboard for admins [or members], where you could checkmark a number of releases, click a button to “generate a social media pack” for those releases, and then you can download it."


This would be great @Hakanto except that so much information is out of date… So we still have to check the information. It would be great to have this function, if it also comes with the ability for the editor/s to update and over ride existing information in the system for the most current.


@Hakanto can you describe what you want a bit more in detail? I might have done some of this already.

@melis_tailored i think if the process is kick-started even a little bit (which I did with the goal of making my twitter bot more social) then some of the updates will start to happen organically