Questions from a label, new to Resonate

Hi there! I sent these question to about 2 weeks ago, followed up a week ago but since I haven’t heard back I’ll try here.

I run an emerging label Echocentric Records and recently, my artist roster and back catalogue was submitted to Resonate and catalogue uploaded.


I can access all the artist accounts (via the individual logins I was sent) and the label account, but I’m a little confused… well, actually… very confused.

I’d like to accomplish these basic things:

  1. Access basic statistics for the submitted music. Why? I need to know if it’s worth submitting music to Resonate as it is extra work for an indie label where resources such as time are very limited

  2. Access the releases and make possible edits. Why? Maybe change the track order, switch between free and paid, or even delete completely. The music is now available, but I feel I have no control over it.

Some thing like is illustrated here:

  1. Be aware of when payments occur and how they are carried out. Why? My contracts with the artists have a clause where we split the profits 50/50 once we’ve broken even and royalties are paid every 6 months. I’d like to know when to expect sales reports from Resonate so I can keep the books up to date.

Any help appreciated. Cheers!


Hi Timo! So sorry that you have not had a reply… we have been swamped! Here’s a quick reply. Please bear with us for a fuller one with more details and features …

Access basic statistics we plan to provide full details to each artist on plays and earnings for every track. This is in test at the moment as part of the new upload tool (which also does what it says :slight_smile: ) Meantime every month we run a full set of stats across everything and monitor when payments are due (they have to get to a €10 threshold or we’d pay too much in card processing fees)

Access the releases and make possible edits yes, the upload tool does all that, but it is still in test…( some bugs still ) but we’d love to have help with testing, or more volunteers to help with uploading.

Be aware of when payments occur I don’t think we have an auto payments alert planned, but that’s a great idea. We will put it in the ‘backlog’.

I understand that is frustrating… as a community and a co-op we need to do much better in promoting and getting the word out.

Hope that helps a little… more to come from @auggod I’m sure on the upload tool and it’s great features!

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