Readme-to-forum pipeline

per this part of the Community Team agenda / mandate and thinking of how people may find the forum through github, made this suggestion to help orient new potential developers.

How else can we make this path smoother without getting bogged down?

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To bring the circle together - @aytrus recently semi-proposed prototyping a mobile app, @brndnkng recently asked what would need to happen to have an app.

In one context, development work is unambiguously labor / toil.

In another context, it is a way for people to engage with an interesting topic, concept, or community, to achieve that state of flow and that feeling of creation.

What could we do as a community to make drive-by developers feel encouraged to experiment and build on the API? Is this even a goal? If it’s explicitly non-official then there’s less pressure to make something “perfect” and more room for exploration, mistakes, individuality.

There can be a virtuous circle in which those who build niche apps for personal use or use with a very small group can bring back their learnings and requests to the main branch and we all win.

Here’s how Mastodon showcases their ecosystem for example.

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Thanks for the mention, @boopboop !

I don’t have much to add here because I am new to coops and have even less experience in the music industry.

I see a lot of cool/interesting people here and would love to become a valued member of the community.

So I thought I’d reach out and see if there was interest in a mobile app since that is where my expertise mainly lies right now.


@aytrus great to see you on here!

Oh yes please!

…tried to recap a little on this here: Resonate Mobile App / Player Discussion History

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@angus @Nick_M back to the readme thing, it would be great if a someone could test this PR, basically offer advice as to what we could take away to get it merged.

cc: @Hakanto