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I’m happy to be here with Resonate, offering an alternative. :grin:

About this specific post it reminds me of this rather interesting piece about the slow takover of outsourced management consulting firms over the “traditional” capitalist model.

Not groundbreaking by any means but a good breakdown of widespread and extremely toxic behaviors you can now see pretty much anywhere there’s VC money involved.

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While pitching his product, I think Vinay Gupta has done a good job here encapsulating some key urgent social behavior/design issues at planetary scale. Definitely informing my sense of the value of culture as a benefit of the ‘Lean Green’ approach.

Really clarifies a lane for the co-op to federate with other service co-ops to facilitate local music habitats that joyfully reinforce Lean Green modalities.

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@jonlindblom Thanks for this post from way back in July 19 - It was before my time in Resonate - but I just wanted to show my appreciation for your work and that of others you reference here. better late than never!


In the UK we have an opportunity to be part of a strong, co-operative response to the UK Government Enquiry into Streaming and I have started a draft, but I would really appreciate some thoughts from our wider community in shaping a Resonate response… first thoughts are to make it a POSITIVE statement, with evidence, that alternative models, as illustrated by Resonate, are not only possible, but should be actively encouraged by Governments. There will be plenty of ‘knocking copy’ already about the big streamers… but not much on real alternatives. Grateful for your help on this. I’ll continue this post in the main thread…(linked above)

Another report / survey:

Politics and asymmetrical power relations
We heard from many stakeholders that:
• the failure of the GRD project showed that vested interests and asymmetrical
negotiating power can impede efforts to improve data efficiency and integrity;
• what the entire recorded and music publishing industry needs is less to do with
technological solutions and is more about improved industry-wide collaboration;
• politics driven by self- interest has hampered industry-wide collaboration and
engendered a lack of trust.

This is a brief article about different types of co-ops, comparing those with business-focused missions to co-ops grounded in more all-encompassing social, cultural and ecological work.

It felt very familiar and helpful to read this description of the social-type of co-op. These are exactly the points that have guided me in my contributions to Resonate. It is such a relief to see them written out this way. I feel like I can now I can point people toward this article and save some of my talking for something else. :wink:

Please read and share your thoughts!

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Here’s some nice intro posts about how to step up our game here in the forum and build out this space a bit.


Fascinating guidance re: Feminist Economics and Open Value Accounting in this outline of ideas around the Distributed Co-op concept aka DisCO.

Open Value Accounting and DisCO in 7 Principles and 11 Values

Just seen this collection of ideas and orgs (including Resonate) and thought folks might enjoy reading through. :slight_smile:

Please read and share y’all’s thoughts!

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I’ve moved this thread to the new Recommended category! You’re invited to share your recommendations there as new topics.

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