Record of General Meetings

2020 Annual General Meeting

December 30th
Minutes have not been created for this meeting; we need someone to help out with this task. Here is the auto-generated raw transcript and video recording.

  • approved: 5 ordinary resolutions, including commitment to form Audit Committee
  • approved: 6 special resolutions

2019 Annual General Meeting

December 30th | 20.00 - 22.00 CET (11am - 1pm PST)
Minutes: Resonate Annual General Meeting Minutes 2019-12-30_v0b - Google Docs

  • approved: 4 Ordinary Resolutions, including increasing max number of board members to 13

2018 Annual General Meeting

August 23rd
minutes: 20180823 - Resonate AGM Minutes 2018 - Google Docs

  • approved: 6 ordinary resolutions, including defining Qualifying Contributions for all membership classes

2017 Extraordinary General Meeting 2

October 26th
minutes: General Meetings 2017 – Google Drive

2017 Extraordinary General Meeting 1

February 5th
minutes: General Meetings 2017 – Google Drive

  • approved: Resonate Beyond Streaming Limited will convert to a Cooperative Society
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@sganesh @brndnkng @richjensen @Nick_M @terry @peter

I’ve collected key info and links for all past General Meetings I’m aware of. Are y’all able to access these links? Ideally, we’ll rewrite all of these minutes as Topics here in the Forum, like how Sunita recently did with the Rulebook. That way they will be easier for everyone to browse through.

Are there any General Meetings I’ve missed?