Redesign multi-entry text boxes

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On the Create New Release Page, there are boxes that work like this:

  1. Enter text item: “hiphop”
  2. Press [+] to confirm
  3. Enter next text item: “alternative”
  4. Press [+] to confirm
  5. repeat



  • user can easily forget to click the Plus Button to confirm their final text item
  • if user returns to page to edit release-level information, it is misleading to see the presentation of the various items separated by commas. It makes user unsure if clearing this entry box would also delete the items. It misleads user to think that they could add multiple items by adding them all at once, separated by commas. This is not the case.

Proposed redesign:

If a user returns to this page to edit information, this style of multiple-entry text boxes would appear the same as when they added the information. There would be no change in how the information was displayed. Each entry box would only ever display a single item.

@MorAir: I think that proposed design works really well! I wonder if it might make sense to have some text clarifying that genres are only meant to be done singularly, not separated by commas?

@onapoli: A short and simple message like “one tag per box” could help clarify the situation that @MorAir described. I think the action of clicking the + button (which is next to the text “Add more” or “Add tag”) in order to add a new tag box might be easier to understand. Another volunteer had trouble with the current functionality in the past, so I think it might be a good improvement. But I think testing from people without previous experience would be necessary to be sure.