Relationship with Online Music Stores

Moving this old content from discussions last year in Basecamp over here for possible wider interest?


I’m still reflecting on a number of points here, but certainly agree that communities around Bandcamp merit cooperative ecosystem services.

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Something that they intended to start before the pandemic, and I don’t know if Bandcamp succeeded in doing, was creating a record store that was only band camp artists-and to show case their merchandise and physical copies of music, with occasional in store appearances. I believe they were opening a store in SF? I love this idea, as its a bit of a community destination. I wonder if there’s a way to collaborate with them, or do similar things globally-eventually with Resonate. For now though there is a lot of cross over and its nice that there’s complementary relationship, especially with the present news cycle around streaming royalties being lowered, potentially, and the UK parliamentary inquiry having gone through. Additionally, the US is seeing a renewed interest in labor strikes in several sectors. I am not sure about the rest of the planet, in terms of workers striking, but I do think- my two cents that music is a-typical in that, at least in the US it isn’t set up for worker strikes, but as they continue to discuss streaming royalties-which impact artists globally, not just US artists, Resonate and Bandcamp are poised to be safe havens of innovation, community, and proving fair models can work.
A good discussion to be had- and timely.