Remixes monetization?

Hi, I recently uploaded my first release on resonate, I noticed there is already one track on my profile (Firedrill).

It’s a remix of my tune by a friend, Fork and Knife.
Club Nap (Fork and Knife remix)

Is there a way I can tell if this track is monetized, and to who?
This was originally just a free release, back when my label was primarily free download releases.

I think its possible for tracks on resonate to not be monetized. If it is monetized, I think I’m fine to give all the credit to Fork and Knife, who composed 99% of this track anyway. It’s really more of an original than a remix at this point. :slight_smile:

If anyone can enlighten me on how this process works, I’d be grateful.

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There is an easy visual cue for whether or not a track on Resonate is monetized. Tracks that are monetized display a unique icon which looks like nine dots – these dots gradually fill in with each listen of a given track. On the other hand, tracks that are free-to-play display no “nine dot” icon.

In the screenshot below, Dark Planet Dance is a free-to-play track, and the others are all monetized.

Currently, Club Nap (Fork and Knife remix) is a monetized track that I believe is managed by the label Not Like That – i’d need someone more tech savvy than I to confirm, but I believe that track is owned on the Player by Not Like That. The label would get paid for any plays and manage splitting any payouts for it.

Once the new ID server is complete, I have heard there will be more comprehensive ways to manage splitting payments, handle track ownership, and managing multiple accounts.


@auggod could confirm who the owner of the track is according to the Resonate Player