Removed Music:Business subcategory

A long time back, an initiative by @Sam_Martyn kicked off a forum area dedicated to artist entrepreneurship and related tools. @tamimulcahy and @RobertaFidora also showed interest in the conversation.

This area ended up as a subcategory under Music. In practice this has meant that when viewing the Music category, you also see posts concerning artist entrepreneurship, but not the other way around. This was actually a bit the opposite of what we intended, but I knew less about forum organization at the time.

Lately, I’ve felt that the creation of categories on Discourse is less about categorization per se, and more about putting conversations in each other’s company. Artist entrepreneurship, as a conversation, fits well alongside what comes up in General and what comes up in Music.

My observation is that separating this theme from these contexts hasn’t actually contributed to engagement, thus I’ve ended the Business category and moved its topics into General. Since there is more activity in General, my hope is that it will actually give these conversations more visibility compared to before when they were off on their own.

With the new Tag sidebar implemented in all categories, we’ll be able to tag this theme of artist entrepreneurship and still find it easily.

Broadly speaking, the fewer categories the better, since they are one of the more complicated elements for new users to navigate and become familiar with.