Resonate Members Meeting - March 2020

A thread for launching and developing discussion and business topics for a first quarter members meeting.

Item #1: Date?

On a recent community check-in, I had suggested that it might be advantageous to schedule our Q1 Members meeting in advance of the annual SXSW festival in Austin, March 16 - 22.

A disadvantage would be that by our bylaws any resolutions would need to be filed two weeks in advance. ie, by the end of next week. Seems a bit tight.

Thoughts from Members?

I’d love an excuse to get back to SXSW!

I wonder if I could swing it…

Wow… I think one of my 2008 trips was the last time I went.

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@dckc To be clear, I was thinking we’d have an online session, probably based from Seattle… if we find a date and time that works for the community. No budget for travel at this time. :slight_smile:

A little off topic @richjensen - is there any recordings of the weekly Zoom meetings?
With my timezone being in Australia (and i’m sure there are others in the same boat) it would be great to keep up to date with everything in the ecosystem.


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@andrew.della … In backlog. Will work to get uploaded pronto.

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Thanks mate