Resonate Merch

I dont know if there is already Resonate Merch, but I was wondering if there was? I was recently looking up how much it cost to make enamel pins, partly for my own music’s merchandise and found out that they are quite cost effective to make, and I immediately thought of Resonate. Having buttons, enamel pins of the logo could be a cool way to advertise the streaming service, but also to bring it up in convo… and raise funds! (This obviously goes for shirts, and totes.) Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea, and I dont know if this has already been done and thought of, but thought I should drop the idea here… just in case.



Here’s the only Resonate Merch currently available

I like merch too, as long as it can be made in sustainable / ethical fashion (which is tough to say the least)!


Absolutely! Thought I would try to get the ball rolling and see what else we can come up with. No Music on a Dead Planet have been doing well with their efforts like these. Might be some good ideas there.