Resonate monthly newsletter! What do you want to see, create, or hear about?

In our most recent community call we talked some about the need/desire for a monthly Resonate newsletter. It would be a great way to keep everyone in the loop – musicians, members, casual users, other co-ops, etc. It could lead more users into this forum, and it would further the liveliness and sense of community.

So, what would you want to hear about in a monthly newsletter? About new music added to the platform? Words from a Resonate Curator about select albums? Profiles and interviews with artists? Themed playlists?

Or perhaps you want to get the technicals on the co-op itself as well: words from a Board member (or two) about the co-op’s priorities and development? Upcoming or recent news? How many members do we have? How many songs were played in the past month? How can we map our progress together? What’s that data look like?

Of course, love of music is why we are here, so that must remain at the core of it.

So, what do you want to hear about?

While all-original content every month is a tempting idea, it would be work.
Another angle is to think about all the good Resonate-themed content out there that already exists across the web – and to perhaps repost and curate that content monthly. It could help link readers to various places across the web where Resonate members are hanging out. Links to blog posts, Twitter tweets, Mastodon toots, or great stuff in our own blog.

So, in summary, here are some balances to consider for the newsletter: (please propose more that you think of):

  1. reposting content from web :balance_scale: VS :balance_scale: original content for newsletter
  2. user-curated content :balance_scale: VS :balance_scale: staff-curated content
  3. about music/musicians :balance_scale: VS :balance_scale: about the co-op itself

I’m interested to contribute to a podcast format newsletter / magazine.


A podcast format didn’t occur to me! I think that would be brilliant. Episodes could be featured on the Resonate platform, and the archives could be a featured playlist.

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Yes! Exactly.

@richjensen In your experience, what do you think would take less work to create – a monthly podcast or newsletter? My gut is telling me that it is important in the short term to simply start getting something out there that is 1. good enough and 2. as little work as possible. While that low-demand project is ongoing and being published monthly, we can then build the scaffolding for a second, supplementary project which is bolder and more impressive

I don’t have have experience with none of those types of content. But for me, a monthly newsletter seems easier to develop in the short term. The contents could be even crowdsourced here each month by anyone willing to contribute.

Personally, I would like to read about new artists joining the platform, artist discoveries from the curator team and updates on the platform situation.

A podcast / radio sounds very cool.

I am new to resonate. I listen to quite a lot of Jazz and K-pop. Just wondering how would it work on getting these kinds of music on the platform. Would it end up paying the the labels? I assume that this is nor feasible and as such resonate is all about new artist and music.

Also more about how the pricing works. Is it possible to know how much it would cost to listen to music and compare it against say a google play subscription of £9.99 per month per single account or for a family subscription which gives 5 extra accounts for £14.99 per month.

Hi @rpieris! I’ll try to help you with pricing, but I joined this community recently, so please correct me someone if I make any mistakes.

The pricing model of a monthly subscription service like Google Play or Spotify presently charges users a fixed amount of money each month in exchange of unlimited music consumption. As a result, it doesn’t matter if a user listens to 10 songs or 1000 songs during a given month, the price of the subscription will be the same.

Resonate has a pay-per-play model, in which users need to purchase credits (At this time, you can purchase 4.0880credits for 5€, 8.1760 credits for 10€, 16.3520 credits for 20€, etc.) for being able to listen to the music that is available on the platform. The cost of playing a specific track for the first time is 0.002 credits and will double for each subsequent play of that same track until it reaches play number 9, which costs 0.512 credits, and grants the “ownership” of that track.
The “ownership” stated before means that subsequent plays of that track from that moment will be free of charge

(Particular elements of this model may change in the future, in order to be compliant with legal requirements. One example is to pay publisher and/or performance royalties if a member is continuing to stream a track from our service versus their own collection.)

, and it could also be available for download

subject to the Resonate #stream2own licence. At this point, Resonate cannot guarantee that all owned tracks will be available for download in perpetuity.

I think there is no time limit for consuming credits, and I don’t know if there is a maximum number of accumulated credits.
An individual account seems to be the only option at the moment.

A way of comparing both types of pricing models could be fixed timely payments for unlimited listening from subscription based platforms VS. pay for what you listen at any time from Resonate.

I recommend checking out these links:

Hope this helps!

Hi @onapoli
Thank you for the explanation. I have to say that I havent really calculated what I listen to and how much I listen to. I think it would be great if I could find a way to see this kind of information from google play and run a calculation on the costs when compared against Resonate. Let me see if I can extract that kind of data from Google play.

I think as a regular subscriber I have that security in knowing how much I will be paying monthly. Also the fact that I can cover 5 other family members is quite a good offer. However I do think artists should be paid fairly especially when they are starting off so my interest in looking at this model. I wanted to highlight the mindset of people like me who have this kind of worry. I have to say I am quite secure and without any commitments so I dont worry as much about money. I think resonate needs to capture this kind of data so as to find the mechanisms to help bring more people to the medium.

Thanks again for taking the time to answer my question… now how do we get k-pop onto resonate? :slight_smile:

It is a pleasure @rpieris.

Maybe these conversations are helpful:

The community has a very active Discourse forum. I haven’t begun participating in their forum, but I receive regular forum briefings as email updates from them. I assume these updates are auto-generated, and they look really slick.

Setting up these Discourse forum summaries to go out would be an effective way to reach out to the community, bring people into the forum and keep people updated – and would likely take very little work.

In the short term, rather than having a newsletter (which requires work), we could have a sort of auto-newsletter generated by the discussion and posts already made by members. @Nick_M @richjensen


There’s some really cool stuff coming soon! Working with Aeria @afuturemodern on a great proposition, and also building on a great idea by @lindner !