Resonate on CAMP Radio

I’ve got a regular 4 weekly radio show called Resonate on CAMP Radio: that plays music from the platform.

For each show I will create a playlist. Currently it’s based of ‘new to the platform’ music, but doesn’t need to be. It would be great to get contributions from artists maybe introducing a track of their own and a recommendation perhaps?

The next show is Sunday 27th March 2022 at 6pm CET (5pm GMT)
The playlist for that show is here: Resonate

If anyone else wants to be involved please let me know.

Future shows are to be broadcast on:

I need to have the show ready 10 days before broadcast.

The fact that it is a Sunday is arbitrary, but maybe it could interact with Listener Sunday somehow?


This is fantastic! Thanks so much for doing this. I have more music to upload and would love to have it on your show, but I cant upload it here until they make the feature for multiple artists profiles under one email/account. In the mean time I will keep this in mind for any future releases, and spread the word. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @kalliemarie - I’d love to play some of your music. The new releases seems to be a fairly obvious way to tackle the show - but I’ve also thought about a couple of things like a featured artist slot. It would be great if I can people to record their own ‘Hello I’m X and here’s one of my tracks that’s on Resonate’ kind of thing that I could use (for example).

I’d also be happy to try co-hosting or handing the show over to other artists presenters. No pressure!


Sunday 27th March 2022 at 6pm CET (5pm GMT)
Listen live:
The playlist for that show is here: Resonate 2022-03-27 CAMP Radio

The show features:

Nathan Hewitt
Karen Vogt
Butterfly Room
Janice Kwan
Nathan Hewitt
Alexandria Boddie
Strange Falls the Night!
Asthma Choir
Lunar Drive

As far as I can tell these people are in the forum:

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Love it! I’m happy to. Let me know what angle you’d like for the show and I can say a few words, or we can just keep it to channel ID "Hi I’m X and you’re listening to, on _____ radio? Whatever works. Feel free to drop me a line here or via my website. I think I would need to WeTransfer any audio files, of myself.


Hi @theargentgrub fellow CAMP curator, we have our latest albums with our two bands on Resonate, feel free to play some! and we can record intros or whatever needed :slight_smile:


Hi Sylvia

Great - yes I’d picked up on Bipolar Explorer but not Tremosphere - all good stuff.

Would you maybe try to record a simple introduction to one of your (shorter if possible!) recent songs AND to another track on Resonate by a different artists that you would recommend to others?

So “hi, I’m Sylvia…blah blah, and this is our track…” then “a track I would recommend is… because…” - you could just record this direct to your phone ans send it.

I’ve started on a ‘long list’ for the next show over here: 2202-04-24 Resonate on CAMP Radio so if your choice match any of those…

Deadline for the next show is 10th April

Is that ok? Thanks for offering. Nice to hear from you!


On air now:

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Listen again link: Resonate on CAMP Radio - March 27th 2022 - 6pm CET - Listen again on Mixcloud
Made from this playlist Resonate 2022-03-27 CAMP Radio
Next show is due out 24th April 2022 - Deadline for ideas, recommendations. contributions is 2 weeks before. WIP playlist is Resonate 2022-04-24 CAMP Radio


I’ve been working on the Resonate Radio show today, which goes out next week (Sunday 24th April 2022) at 6pm CET on CAMP Radio

The show plays new releases on platform.
This month I’m pleased that @KallieMarie recorded a short link for the show, and Karen Vogt recommended an artists to play.

Please do get involved if you want to. Record a short intro to yourself and your song and maybe a recommendation of a song we should play.

There is a playlist that I used to make the show, with tracks from:
Lightleak, mroystonward, Monefa Walker, Coaxial, Heligoland, Helen Bell, The Sand Spiders, salt sword, Con Creffect, yadayn, Roma Ransom, Juliana’s Daughter, Butterfly Room, El Leopardo Volador, Karu, sokker, Mrs Jynx, Kallie Marie, The Black Dog, Purely Decorative

The track listing, the playlist it’s built from, past shows and eventually the listen again links will be/are at The Argent Grub - Radio - The Argent Grub


Peace. I been dreaming of a formation like this since I engaged with Resonate in 2019. I’m so happy to find that I didn’t have to be the one to start it!

In my dreams several programs like this launch to orbit the catalog, each with very different flavors determined by the unique interests and experience of the individuals that make the effort to produce curated sequences.

Again, from my dreams: these persynal initiatives become significant pathways for new listeners to find their way into the massive body of works shared here. It is very exciting to think that intuitive and socially engaged co-operative listening labor could evolve in the space that automated algorithms provide for the capital and quantitatively-determined streaming services.

Looking forward to new articulations and grammars!


I’ll try and listen this week.

FYI, the track attributed to mroystonward (my uploader account) is a mistake (now fixed). The track is by Hannah Bannanah - Resonate

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Ahh, that makes sense. I love Hannah Bannanah. It’s probably too late to do anything about the radio show audio but I can amend this week’s publicity and so on.

So are you Hannah Bannanah @thehouseorgan ?

I’ll be fixing what I can from tomorrow onwards.

I’m sure it’ll be fine :+1:

Nope, Hannah Bannanah is nothing to do with me, though it is rather good.

Here on Resonate, I am, however, Murray Royston-Ward, and one half of each of Jehova’s Fitness, The Sons of David Ginola, and a duo with Ben Whitehill.

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I should really listen to it next time, is it live only or is there somewhere I can listen to past shows?

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@thehouseorgan I’ll check those links out tomorrow. Exciting.

@LLK - each show goes out live and then about 24 hrs later is a available on the CAMP Radio mixcloud.

The show goes out on Sunday 24th April at 6pm CET (the station is based in France) and then a new show goes out every 4 weeks after that.

The playlist used to create the show, the listen again link/embed, and links to artists etc are all on my website: The Argent Grub - Radio - The Argent Grub

I’m also posting updates and links in this thread but it’s s bit hard to follow!


Thanks terrific! Yeah I’ve been bad at following, I’ll check the mixcloud. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m liking the work of you both @thehouseorgan and @LLK - I’ve only had a few mins to click around today, but will make more time soon.


If people want to record a short piece about themselves for broadcast and recommend a track of theirs and another Resonate artist, guidelines are here:

Let me know if you’re thinking of doing it.
Deadline is 9th May for next show (and every 4 weeks thereafter) - approx 10 days before broadcast (22nd May is the next broadcast)


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Resonate - May 22nd 2022 - 6pm CET

Just recorded the new show …

Featuring tracks from Jaiden Donnelly, finn, Benjamin Whitehill & Murray Royston-Ward, MOWUKIS, Santoz, boule à facettes, Feral Five, Wu Liao, Birdeatsbaby, sokker, El Leopardo Volador, Ayami Suzuki, Elektrik in der Luft, String Bone (ft. George Leger lll), Karen Vogt, Roma Ransom, Mauricio y Los Vicios.

Guest appearences from Kat Five and Anne.


Resonate Playlist (2022-05-22)