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Posting this here as I’m not sure where else is appropriate/useful.

I’ve found that when I make a show I need quite a lot of information for promotion afterwards. I need twitter/facebook/instagram usernames and links, I need to create lots of bits of text with names of tracks and artists, I need to turn some of those into links for this forum and my website and so on, so…

I dug into the API and created a Python script to output that information for me in ways that are then easy to copy and paste.

If it’s of any use to other people please use it and ask me questions. @auggod might have a slight interest!


+1 to this, I am doing something similar for the zapier bot.

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Just finished recording the show for broadcast on 19th June 2022 6pm CET on

Featuring tracks from Smoking Data Guns, Cravune, Wild Couch, Glame…, salad outfit, studio fatal, Fenton, The Black Dog, TREMOSPHERE, Karen Vogt, ‡Starving Poet§, Brian Higgins, sokker, boule à facettes, Coldcut & On-U Sound featuring Lee “Scratch” Perry, Junior Reid and Elan, Markit Zero

Guest appearances from Michael and @Sylvia from TREMOSPHERE.

Resonate Playlist (2022-06-19)

Great to have Michael and Sylvia contributing.
Spread the word and if anyone wants to record a short piece for next time please get in touch.

p.s. I already have a thing from Michael for his Bipolar Explorer project!


:raised_hands: thank you so much!


I hope you don’t mind that I’m including these in the rotation of the featured playlists on beam just to add a bit of variation on the home page!


Not at all - I’m pleased. I had suggested elsewhere that if people wanted to do so on the main homepage, they could: Player website - Staff Picks way out of date - #3 by theargentgrub
But I guess that is a resource issue.

Thanks @psi


Resonate on CAMP - July 17th 2022 - 6pm CEST

The best of the new releases on Resonate.

Featuring tracks from A. Vos, emho, Isaiah Diaz, Manja Ristić, Machinefabriek, studio fatal, Midnight French, mejiwahn, Adder, junklight, Bipolar Explorer, LUCA, hojascirculares, Digital Nap, Mary Remington, and GRST.


Brilliant insight into what’s new on Resonate, as ever! Keep up the great work


A. Vos and LUCA are some of my favs I’ve discovered through Resonate. Mona is an album by LUCA that I look forward to coming here. Bandcamp for now, but such lovely stuff.

Shout out to Machinefabriek as well. I remember getting the email from him when he first arrived here. Was delighted to welcome him and upload his first albums.


Lovely to hear @Hakanto


just finished listening to this month’s show, excellent selections, David, and thank you again for featuring Bipolar Explorer


Thanks @Sylvia - the show pretty much writes itself, so I can’t take too much credit - but it’s appreciated.
It’s so nice when people get involved, and it’s so nice to hear their speaking voices, and what they have to say, so thank you for getting involved.
If anyone else wants to come on to recommend a track and/or tell us about their music that is always an option, just get in touch.


Hello folks - the next radio show is broadcast on Sunday 14th August 2022 at 6pm CEST on CAMP Radio.

Featuring: das spezial, I and Blue, Lara David, Manja Ristić, Maya B Fury, Bipolar Explorer, The Black Dog, dmslushi, Mundy, Sonia Erika, Alex Riggs, Gurley, Stuart Wilson, Loraine James, Battery Operated Orchestra (BOO)

Built from this playlist: Resonate on CAMP Radio 14th August 2022


Resonate - September 11th 2022 - 6pm CEST on CAMP Radio

Next Show is broadcast on 11th September at 6pm CEST


Featuring tracks from das spezial, Keen Dreams, Jeff Michaels, Machinefabriek, Richard Cruz, COJU, I and Blue, Boys Hotel, Karen Vogt, Possums At Twilight, dmslushi, Kumo 99, Nkom Bivoué, Berne, SAD SAD SAD.

The show is built from this Resonate Playlist.


Hello - after missing a month, Resonate on CAMP Radio is back:
November 6th 2022 - 6pm CST

The best of the new releases on Resonate.

Featuring tracks from Aman Harwara, paun, DJ James Naughty, I, The Current, das spezial, Keen Dreams, Possums At Twilight, Jeff Michaels, Smoking Data Guns, Mx Aaron Marie, Contemplator, Zanias, catfugue, DELUJN, Kraków Loves Adana.

Playlist: Resonate



Thank you for including my music.


No Problem - I like it!


Next Radio Show on CAMP Radio is Sunday 4th December 6pm CET.

Tracks from Tami Mulcahy, SPARTALIEN, Jessy Lanza, Karu, BREADMACHINE, WIREGRRRL, Alex Griffiths, w_lf, ‡Starving Poet§, William Chernoff, LUCA, COJU, Soft Idiot, Feral Five, And The Golden Choir

Playlist: Resonate Playlist (2022-12-04)



I have new music coming out very soon, it’s just a single. How do I get it to ya?

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Hello. Nice to hear from you @KallieMarie - Just send me a link when it’s on Resonate.

And I really like it when people also recommend someone else, so if you want to link to another track that would be good.

If you want to record an intro or anything like that again you can do as well.

Looking forward to hearing it. Hope life is good,!