Resonate on CAMP Radio

Will do, its out Wednesday and I know the team here have been hard at work sorting out uploads and files etc. Let me know when you’d need an intro by? I’d love to recommend some one but I dont know if I will have time to search through people. There are a lot of artists I would LOVE to promote, but I dont know if they are here. I often send artists here and hope they make it over. :slight_smile:

Hi I’ve just recorded the next show, but I can feature it in the show at the end of January, so no rush now.I won’t record that until the second week of January.

Looking forward to hearing it

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Next show is due for broadcast on Sunday 29th Jan. 2023 on Camp Radio

Featuring tracks from Kallie Marie, Wild Couch, I, The Current, SM, Monc, 9 Horses, palinke, yadayn, Alex Riggs, Valentina Casesa, Valdemar.

I don’t have a playlist this time, despite the massive I help I got from @psi this month (thank you!)
I did steal most of the tracks from a playlist called November 2022 via the Beam app.

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Hi Folks

Next show is on Sunday 18th June at 6pm CEST:

Featuring tracks from Kallie Marie, Wurrm, Outgoing Person, LIINES, I And Blue, Michael Mountain, Patrick Goddard, Karen Vogt, Jooiing, Possums At Twilight, So Far As I Know, Martinz, lievenmoors.

Check my website for past shows including an interview with @KallieMarie in April: The Argent Grub - Radio - The Argent Grub



Resonate - August 13th 2023 - 6pm CEST

Featuring and interview with Shahab from das SPEZIAL about the new KIDZ #2 EP. Tracks from Lazyrevs, LUCA, Jenny Caicedo, Brina.