#resonatedeadair twitter bot

Hey all,

updated the twitter bot to tweet #resonatedeadair if there’s nothing playing.


All the bot is is a zapier bot that checks this (1-3 times / day) and creates tweets accordingly

url = 'https://stream.resonate.coop/api/v2/tracks/latest?limit=1&order=plays'
response = requests.get(url)
response.raise_for_status() # optional but good practice in case the call fails!
return response.json()['data']

It would be great if someone else would create a little bot or otherwise poll this endpoint, as it makes decisions very easy. If there’s nothing playing, log on check out some sounds


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I know there’s a lot of talk about various KPIs, but the red-hot one that I feel strongly enough about to make this endpoint and a paid zapier account to keep track of is “is something not playing now”?

Resonate after all is a self-serve streaming service - if there’s dead air at any point something’s not right.


Have a look at the listening stats. They are pretty low.


my dream would be a giant flashing banner if nothing’s playing.

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@Hakanto would it be possible to link up my zapier account to this discourse instance?

So it could send some notification about the urgency of perhaps tweeting something to encourage at least 1 listener to log in and play a track

I could give you credentials and you can do the connecting

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