Revise new HUGO website before deployment

Repo: Yes - check with @auggod and @Timothee
@jackhajb will decide all this in due course but for now…
@auggod remains responsible for PR review I think (but obv needs to bacl that up with clearance from the product ownership for the website… less clear?)
@auggod ditto


I guess it would be more clear / feel safer if the change request came in its own modularized bubble, like a user story with a thumbs up on it from the website product owner (i don’t know who that is).

By looking at the google doc, I can’t tell which parts are approved and which are not, and if “it seems consensus was reached” is the same as approved.

Basically anyone could implement the text changes, but then there’s the fear of getting stuck in review.


Deployment will also obv need care because there are some coexistence / redirection issues with part of the Wordpress site (forms) which will have to remain in place until replaced by the new signup process.


@Timothee @datafruits Are either of y’all available to scope out and critique this proposal? If things need to be clarified before work could begin, please share your thoughts on what is needed.

Thank you so much on the work done so far for this new website.


I’ve been going through feedback on the new website design.

I would like to take things even further. I don’t understand why we have a homepage/landing page at all. We’re a streaming platform - why are we hiding the music?

The homepage of resonate should be the player. Above the player should be the text “Resonate is the only streaming platform we all control” and then JOIN | LEARN | SUPPORT buttons.

All other information about the co-op structure, stream to own etc should then be contained on the learn page - I’m happy to amend that text as needed - and the forum. But I would ask that anyone with strong opinions on the text give feedback before the end of the month - so we don’t drag out the changes that are needed.

What are the feelings of others on “removing the website/homepage” and finally putting music front and centre? @Nick_M @richjensen @sganesh @executive @auggod @Timothee @LLK @boopboop


+1 music focus, diverse. Later more ‘federated’/‘franchised’: MULTIPLE players. MULTIPLE websites… under one strong brand plus a common back end infrastructure for scale and ecosystem value.


+1 +1 +1


a million trillion plus ones


If there’s consensus on this, then I’m good on it. Seems good to me. Just want to make sure people who want to see why they should even be playing something on the player can clearly and directly be routed from this page to the relevant informational pages on the site (in a way that feels streamlined).


Agree 200%. With that mentality there’s also the “we can’t do THIS until we do THAT” paradigm. Totally my fault as its what I was forced to tell people over and over so much that I wonder if its creeped into the culture unintentionally.

We’re so close people! Just imagine how much we’re gonna celebrate when the wordpress site is gone and done and a thing of the past. (Hope I’m the one that gets to blow it up LOL!)


I don’t think, and I hope there’s no such thing as a “Resonate Culture”, the way I see it we’re a bunch of people coming from all horizons and we’re trying to fit in, find our way, find our strength and what we can bring in.

Also none of this is “totally your fault” frankly, doing what we’re doing is tough and complicated, and there’s no way around that.

Finding how to organize people from different social backgrounds, with different stories of being oppressed, decieved, and exploited, is never going to be easy, empowering them is never going to be a matter of just “saying so”.

All this being said, my two cents on the matter of the landing page raised by @melis_tailored :

My idea of that is it’s funny because it’s been an issue for so long I just got used to not thinking about it anymore, but the first few years everytime I landed on that page I was always surprised in a bad way and hated it. So definitely, moving to a player could be benefitial since I was probably not the only one to feel that way.


Like pointed out… if people land on our page and all that appear is music, then we’re just another streaming service like Spotify, Tidal etc.
Worse, since they haven’t heard much about us, we’re just another contender to those big services like Audiomack, Audius etc. (which as we’ve seen recently don’t have good press). It doesn’t help either that “Owned and Run by members” is also Audius’ pitch which is just right now proving to be a glorified scam.

So we can absolutely do the switch, and if we all feel strongly about it sooner rather than later, but also we need to transfer some of the “this is who we are” of the current page on the Player’s landing page, so that it’s clear at a glimpse what makes us stand apart. The infos I want to see :

  • Artists and Listeners Owned Platform (I say this because “community” can be misleading and this separates us from Audius right away)
  • Fair payment (penny per stream)

But also and this might prove more divisive so I’ll separate it :

  • No VC money, no Crypto.

Also, as pointed out multiple times, in " The co-operative music streaming platform." the word “co-operative” should be clickable to give access to a page that quickly explains what a coop is, or even have a pop up on mouse-hover that explains in a streamlined and succint way what a coop is.

The co-op aspect sets us apart, it’s the backbone of our claim to be “community owned”, without people understanding that these are nothing but baseless claims that others have done in the past, and that scammers are doing in the present.

In the end I don’t think it would be that hard to make the switch because frankly there isn’t much on the current Resonate landing page to transfer at all (which says it all about how useful that page curently is frankly).

One last thing, and it’s something I’ve discussed a lot with @Iamupinthecloud and from a few discussions with the various teams in our meetings I think it’s quite clear to everyone :

“BETA” needs to appear SUPER CLEARLY on the player, in my view it needs to be right below or after “RESONATE” in the upper left corner, we can not hide that this is a construction site and not a finished building and if we get rid of the landing page this has to be even clearer that THIS ISN’T THE FINISHED PRODUCT AND PEOPLE ARE HERE TO HELP US GET THERE.

Right now, I think we should market Resonate as an “early access” thing much like videogames do, where enthusiast people can join for the ride and help us build something but shouldn’t expect more than the backbone for yet another 6 months / 1 year. Let’s not be afraid of that, and let’s just write “BETA” somewhere in bold to just make it clear to anyone who shows up on our doorstep.


Tiny note. Could be disingenuous to say that since we actually DID receive crypto/VC money back in 2018 and can easily be discovered, which would make us some hypocritical or trying to cover that up.

(Loved everything else you said @LLK !)

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Suggest we explain we are a global service. Building an affiliate in america is part of the work people can help with.

  1. Yes. Less is more. We need to get people right to an stream2own experience on the platform. Artists, Labels, Techs, Listeners and Press.

  2. We have an immediate funding crunch and we are straddling 2 (or more) services. While under construction and transition we must maintain a very clear, fast and easy path to user actions:

  • Support with a Listener Membership or Donation
  • Leave a contact to follow our campaign

Do they still own shares / have interest in the company in some way? If so that’s something I’d love to have a breakdown about, to know who they are and what the first round of investment of 2018 still means for us. That’s actually a VERY important point for me (and it I’m sure it would be for others).

To add to it a bit, I think it’s actually important that we sever ties with VC money and with Crypto, and if we can’t find a way to speak loud about how we do so because of the first version of our site which is mainly a hollow shell now, it would be detrimental to the way we can talk about ourselves to others.


Discussion continued in new thread. Resonate's Blockchain History / Ex-Partners


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@melis_tailored has anyone suggested a hybrid, where if you’re not logged on you get a combo of player plus some basic marketing text? I think this could be super easy to implement. Here’s a really really rough example:


@peter YO, this hybrid thing is brilliant. Total game changer, and it looks slick too.


Just want to check in on this, what’s the status on these changes? Is someone working on them? It looks like the changes in 's doc are still pending.

Is there a way front-end devs can help with this? Seems like it’d be a big step in transitioning away from wordpress to get this live!

(I want to keep in mind that we can always iterate on the front page once it is live).


I haven’t seen this before. Checking it out now :smiley: