Rhythms and rituals

Been reflecting on our rhythms and rituals around here: meetups, meetings, assemblies, work projects. Here’s some ideas for what our regular gatherings could look like around here, and their different focuses. Please share your own thoughts!


Work synchronization and accountability
Rhythm: as often as daily on real time comms check-in channel

The Hum’s course Patterns for Decentralized Organizing recommends that regular contributors have a realtime chat channel where they post a tiny comment daily that summarizes what they did that day. I think this would be an easy way to do “stand-ups” like what @Nick_M is mentioning, while respecting that folks have different time zones and schedules. It is also a quick way to create a feeling of momentum and commitment – when all contributors see regular small updates from their peers, they know that things are moving and feel inspired to keep on themselves.


Retrospectives and exploring tensions
Rhythm: every two weeks

The Worker Retrospective as I originally pitched it was also based on suggestions from The Hum. They said that if you can only take on one technique to improve your collaborative environment, do Retrospectives where each person shares what they think went bad, good, and what we can change. I’ve leaned into this being a more emotional rather than productive focused check-in, exploring tensions and letting folks air some occasional grievances. A place to practice trust and vulnerability. I think there are unique benefits in keeping this format focused and undistracted by other elements like work planning, stand-ups, etc.


Launching projects and decision-making
Rhythm: Community Assembly and Worker Assembly alternating each month

Ideas which are raised by individuals in the forum can be labeled as #new-proposals and find their way to Community Assemblies. At Community Assemblies, everyone at the co-op (and beyond perhaps) can get together and take turns sharing proposals and ideas for platform features. #supported-proposals can find their way into #organizing-projects. Orbiting each Community Assembly can be invites to members to host get-togethers or skillshares.

To launch projects, I suggest the venue be a Worker Assembly between the co-op’s work contributors, executive team and board where different folks pitch projects (collections of #new-proposals and tasks), pursue budgets for them, and get them approved as #current-projects. Also a time to check in on progress of recent projects. Orbiting each Worker Assembly can be orientations for new work contributors and calls to join and fund the new projects.


Camaraderie, socializing, welcoming
Rhythm: every three months

Let’s spend more time fostering open, chill time for members to get together, celebrate our accomplishments and get to know each other. We’ve stayed pretty busy around here, but time to crack open a drink and chill with folks is essential too! A big, casual socializing event every three months would be ideal where we celebrate all the good stuff we got done and share some virtual campfire chats about what the co-op can be. This would also be advertised as the main meetup for new members to come to. Maybe we could get some live performances by Musicmaker-members!

Depending on how often the co-op has General Meetings this celebration would be a great finale to a week of voting on #resolutions.