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A site for routine personal practice and co-operative reflection. An experiment.

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Patience is said to be virtue.


Uncertain about the value of this practice. Risks come to mind that appear likely to reverse any possible reward to the community. Perhaps those are worth trying to tease out at another time.

Meanwhile, this seems like this could be a useful space to collect and work over notes from other conversations coming out of the day’s work. For example, here’s a list of Keywords that seemed worth setting out to frame a dialogue with another Member:

Humanity, Embodiment, Abstraction, Property, Enclosure, Technology, Culture, Dignity, Democracy, Behavior, Indigeneity, Plurality, Decolonization, Habitat, Finitude, Music, Semantics, Crisis, Municipalism, Protocol, Dual Power, Autonomy, Power, Asymmetry, Time, Exchange, Resocialization, Planetarity, Pseudonymity, Revocation, Authentication, Lyricism, Affinity, Being, Particularity

To these I want to add Stewardship, Experiment, and Chakra (where the music happens.)

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I am thinking I should tell a story about some local friends and how they contributed to what I am able to share here with you. I’ll take it slow.


While writing elsewhere here about ‘pluralism’ and how crucial it is to my idea of the co-op, I ran a Wikipedia search on the term and was introduced to an American professor and political philosopher, William Connolly. His work looks interesting to me, particularly how socially engaged his writing seems to have become in recent years. I watched a few minutes of his contribution to this seminar from earlier this year. He seems a few years older than me and perhaps signals something delicate about our mutual mortality. (The old saying that we enter and leave the world alone is fundamentally mistaken.)

And, time is of the essence…

[Update – WC’s book PLURALISM c.2005 is available to borrow from Internet Archive.]

Back from a week in Detroit and Knoxville with family. Two cities I had never visited before. Wonderful to see how people in these places cared and struggled for music.

Whatever America is I feel it is not well represented in popular media. There are millions of Americas. Same with every territory I am sure.

Music has value. Life has value.

These qualities are true despite the headlines.

My feeling is that misrepresentation indicates opportunity.

So excited to dig in and help some new sprouts flourish in this community garden.

Will it be enough to reverse the tragic arc of the imperial overculture?

I dunno. I just see so much potential not yet activated.

“from the bottom all the way down to the top” ~ palaceer lazaro



Today’s is this essay by Saint Andrew

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“(open source/decentralized) dev people… (professional indie) music people… and (post-capitalist solidarity) coop - governance people… are always going to have to make an extra effort to understand each other…”